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Archangel Camael/ Samael

Artwork by Alura Cein 2019

As one of the biggest leaders in the angelic movement who started all of this, I never went into Angel Camael or Samael except in my courses. In the heavens, I am very close with this particular angelic being. He is somebody that has provided a great deal of Justice to many. He has had only one long incarnation upon earth in its beginning. But as a high ranking king, now he needs no avatars, and no direct visitations. He has legions upon legions for that. He does, send many on his behalf to relay a messages for him, in regards to his third domain of rulership… earth. But since man cut themselves off from the Gods during the third rebellion, he has had specific prophets but no more after A.D. He is the law maker, giver of justice and retribution and beside his father’s throne, he has played advocate in times when heaven gathered together in decision making in any one of the realities. He is second born, born only seconds after Michael. I will provide anything deeper in that subject so that my wisdom and TRUE ability to channel is not stolen and credit given to fakes to pass off as their own

He is the king of the planet Saturn with many legions taking care of it while he rules Earth. His inheritance here.. He also rules the planet Mars and used to be a prince of Maldek.

He also goes by the names Khamael, Cameel, and Samael, which many didn’t know. He is not to be confused with Chamuel. Many call both Camael and Samael for Martian magical rites but there’s no need as they are one in the same according to ancient books and heavenly knowledge. His real name in the heavens I will not reveal. He is my soul father, god of war. Although he and I have not had any contact since his so-called supposed fall, I do know a great deal of his secret teachings and forbidden knowledge. Like Earth’s beginning and the truth of what happened. I taught this in my courses as well. My higher self helped a couple write a book about it but they were the only ones I have ever or ever will communicate with here on a celestial level until the New Age is concrete in 2070. I know the truth of what happened back here in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. I was told this truth by Metatron himself who has a very close relationship with him. If you recall, I relayed this information in my Akashic records back in 2012, 2014, and onward until today. Camael has much information that I am to cover one day but for now he leaves a message.

“I fell in my pride and desire for fame and power. Fame and power can not be pretended, bought, or stolen. I am the all seeing eye and know all thee pretenders and accusers. You may not fear us in this life but you shall in your afterlife. Do not turn aside for those who falsify themselves and the truth for a new face. Those who disrespect the heavens shall fall and have embarrassment.”

His numbers are 6, 12, and 33. He rules Earth and North. His stones are Sapphire, Ruby, and Garnet. I’ll have more info on Samael to come. I hope my students enjoyed learning this history in my courses as of 2016, Truthology.

July 17th, 2019