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Welcome. Here the angels herald the incoming news from the heavens, to all Earthlings everywhere. Find out what’s going to happen in your world from Archangels like Gabriel, Michael, Uriel and many more. Membership is required to access this content as it holds revelations that are sacred and not found anywhere else in the world. Alura has accurately predicted the world events of 2020 and more in this column.  You’ll be amazed at how Alura foretold about the quarantine, economic issues, homelessness and more, so accurately. There is so much more to come in the future that holding a subscription will not only be entertaining but life saving as well.  The information will keep you informed so that you are always prepared. Be careful though. There are many out there who do not want the public to have such knowledge of upcoming events.  Are you a loyal believer and servant of heaven? Are you ready for truth?

Trumpet Blast- Bubonic

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Notes: Channeling by: Angel Drivexa Similar plague symptoms of the bubonic plague are spreading and will be disguised!

Trumpet Blast: #3 Don’t ignore the stain

Trumpet Blast, Spiritual Message, Psychic, Alura Cein, Wisdom, Guidance , Angel,

Angel Selaphiel and the third trumpet blast. You are loved, welcome! I had to escape my sanctuary which started becoming like a prison, being inside for so long last night while working […]

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