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The best of writing?

What do you enjoy most about writing?

“What do I love most about writing?

I love putting down together in writing both, truthful thoughts along with their powerful emotions. In this way, I am able to reach others with depth of soul who can feel the truth once they’ve read my words.

We as different collective cells in a much larger one, can be brought together not by religion, trend or pushed Philosophy, but by how we are related through our inner most selves which when agreeable all in all, makes us one, in that one collective heartfelt untold belief. Yes from that one unspoken truth, once someone writes it…. It’s as if those coming to find it and read it too, helped write my words too themselves, since we all held it inside from the start. It’s our soul’s experiences that taught this group or that group, and somehow in this life has brought us together.

And that’s whether the words are considered fact or fiction by others.

Didn’t Picasso himself even say that; “ Everything you can imagine is real?

I stand by that wholeheartedly. but….

There is a very fine distorted line in this world between truth and lies, reality and pretend. Yes while others may claim that they have truth and enforce it into the prompts of the human mind and behavior, some still know, think and feel a bigger truth. No it’s not one that anyone can frigidly find words to explain, none thou ought to speak, and one that is not by feigned events purposefully designed around one, as if in orchestrated theater…. It’s not one that anyone can prove nor deny. It’s one bigger than themselves, that all that they needed was for someone who pen the inner music of their spirits, into precious words and script that their mind connects with as of it were their own to begin with.