Angelic Herald: Vol 8


As the planetary energies of my home world start to influence your world in the most negative of ways, I must pose in disguise in order to pass myself off as someone who is neutral to either side. This is so that while under cover, I can work the higher good of his holiest of holies wishes. He is my lord of light, no matter which principality I am serving under directly. There are many things that you must know during the time approaching called “the dead zone” there on earth.

I AM Cassiel, Cazziel and Cuz (Cooz). From the 8th Dimension in Saturn. The land is called Annuyeh (Yen-u-weh). I work under my lord who has presided in power over former Maldek, and Mars… as well as being the main deity of both Saturn and Earth. He was delighted by “The Father” and received much in inheritance. But with great wealth and favoritism, comes pride. In that pride…vainglory. Through vanity and glory comes a fall. In that fall, those beneath him are led to their demise. Yes, Denise. That is the condition of Earth.

But, in every son of the most high there exists more perfection than not. With this, they seek redemption and to return back to their glorious positions. With those that were not equipped with perfection and will continue to spiral downward. Their leaders allow them to do so, so that they can always remain in a status of glory and renown while the world around them worships at their feet.They are responsible for sending humanity into devastation and it is much like them playing as slave masters. Except using poverty, lust, gluttony, and hardship in trying reach some regained shine, they use those sins as a whip to make them drop in reverence at their feet. We have many positives to our world and leader, for those illuminated are those in balance, even if he learned a lesson being prodigal.

Think of how the energies of our world shines down upon yours in creation, manifestation of the physicality, wealth, and frequencies of ambition and drive? Without it, earth would be nothing.

However, all of the energies are disturbed. An artificial grid hangs in the balance over the original matrix. Those who are the sons of men and sons of gods both, created their own curtain over the world around you, that in the darkness that it has created, sent the natural energies of your planet’s consciousness into a disastrous state. Even in the predominant power of our leadership there, it is up to those creating this curtain… to take it down.

The weather is not finished in it’s calamitous behavior. It will be just as it was previously in earlier predictions which have already taken place. Only, now that it is getting toward the winter solstice, all of the weather damages and disasters will take place in the form of great blizzards and record low temperatures. Unlike ever seen before. This is as a result of trying to keep the disasters going, for the great purging of the earth. This is not to say that the elements of the great tribulation will only happen during one specific season. No.

Tornadoes will still be occurring, and the flooding will now be turned to disastrous snow and ice. Many people will have difficulty this upcoming winter season because the snow will prevent them from getting to their jobs. It will cause more power outages that coincide with earlier predictions of them. This is leading up to a climax. A few power outages have happened here and there, but that did not mean that it was over. Power outages are to show that there are forces greater than the system itself.

The system is silencing other people from having a voice, and we can certainly silence them in return. There are many who are trying to get the truth out there that indoor censorship, and obstacles that prevent them from being able to spread the news. Instead the system is used to spread great deceptions. This is not OK with us. Although it is not our world anymore at the moment, we still don’t want to see the human race suffer as they have been. Our rightful king wants to take his place, but in order for that to happen the world as it has been known, must be deconstructed for the reconstruction process to begin. The King is next to being a God on the earth. But yes, alas a king is the only one ruling who is directly underneath of God in power on the earth. Still, even as kings, for many centuries, there have been changes of power, and in doing so… it has always been the same thing there. They do not know how to be as great as God. Instead, it was always a great mix up as each new leader had their own desires in how they wanted things for the society that they were leading, in order for the people to be more accepting in how the king lives his life. Then, a new way of life was sneakily introduced, so that everyone would partake.

Then many beliefs came together, the people believing that they had choices and opinions, when truly they had none. It’s a sad thing for society there to think of their government as a democracy when the people have had no real role or say at all. All, was, is and forever will be…prearranged. The arrangements are by both forces as they are in a battle with one another. It is like a game of stratego where every move has to be exact or the battle is lost. Each side has it’s human or physical soldiers too. The good versus the wicked.. You don’t have to be possessed to suddenly be influenced to act a certain way. Or to even treat another person badly. Have you ever gotten upset or angry suddenly at someone for no reason and didn’t know why? Did you just start flipping out on that person without any cause?

Not long ago, Alura, with all of the work that she has done for many people, was attacked on her very own Instagram. Someone claiming to be an archangel had threatened her spiritually in a dark and violent way. They were claiming that Alura was actually a worker of evil, because she promotes the use of magic. Magic is no different than energy work. While many others have other methods of doing magic, Alura has always used the sacred forms alone such as Angelic rites, and channeling divine forces , this person was influenced to target her through hatred. That was to bring some kind of upset to her path.

With this, anyone who acts out in hatred or anger is not acting on God’s direction. That is because God is love. Obviously, this person did not know Alura’s work or the results of other people that she has produced enough, to judge her correctly. Still reading the Bible and many other things surfacely, does not understand the deeper meaning of illumination. In jealousy and hate, the darker forces can use that as a doorway into someone’s soul, to attack an innocent person. Even trying to give the means to justify it.

It has been said by Alura many times before that spirit is in an energetic form not aligned with the density of this world, and needs physical bodies to work through. So what most of what you see happening in the world is spiritually influenced but also physically acted out by humans, that act as a vessel for these deeds to be done. There are going to be a lot of people who promote the agenda even without knowing it. There are those who walk the path of righteousness as a soldier for the heavens without knowing that as well. For an example, a person that suddenly feels compelled to give away the last bit of money in their wallet to someone in need. Or, similarly… someone that suddenly jumps in front of a moving car to protect a little kid from being hit by it. These are smaller examples of these forces at work in everyone’s life. God did say after all to treat everybody good, “for you never know when you are in the presence of the angels”. Even for just a few minutes to carry out some miracle or act, and Angel can bless a person’s consciousness to work with them, to do some work here.

There are soldiers though, that know about this war and they fight it directly, involved as chosen ones. It says in the Scriptures that there are good and evil for the Lord’s day. The person’s heart and the condition of it, determine whether they’re on one side or the other. If the person’s heart is pure and good, it will always guide their direction into a state of working in conjunction with the Holy Spirit. Even if that person makes a mistake, it wasn’t really truly in their heart to do so. Therefore, they are not truly wicked. Those are the people that are a bit more likely to seek awakening.

For now, allow me the honor of revealing newer upcoming things to keep your eyes on. I feel that I have taken enough of your time already in my lecturing. And believe me, I know how precious human time is. After all, we created it there. Not as you have known time since man has changed it up a bit, but nevertheless. 

New Heavenly Prophecies …

Weather, Illness, The Youth

Look for weather at an extreme. As the Dead Zone approaches, the USA will be affected by storms of great snow, ice, and record low temperatures. This is the new way of things. Chaos, and everyone hiding pain in self indulgence while overindulged in one’s fantasies to run from the facts. This is the continual rise of the beast.

The same will remain with previous prophecies made too on top of those, the flu will be an awful pandemic for children and the elderly. There will be more talk of extreme animal behaviors and also more news of crime involving children that was spoken of by my kin earlier on in one of their delivered messages. Masses of children will also fall ill.


For now, one’s attention should be placed towards world issues and the changing of power. There is someone in great danger there. This person knew that they were rising up as a cover and diversion but after time, he had taken things into his own hands and tried to cover up a lot of his transgressions and those of others who were working with him secretly. They acted as if to hate and despise him, but in truth they were lifelong friends. But with him having become unruly and no longer acting the puppet that they stationed him to be, the powers around him want him gone and will do anything to ensure that he is. There are only a few options for him. Alura has seen the alternative destinies he could end up with considering that choices alter the future.

This leader’s “pathways to fate” shows on one path, certain death. He has said too much and therefore they will not let him live.He is too open while talking to the public… that they fear that he will be open and reveal many crucial things. He has already threatened a number of people that he will talk about things that he has seen them involved in. Since he already has wealth, it’s not like he could be paid off to be silenced. He could implicate many double dealings in his colleagues who are of great power.

The second option that he has,  is to refuse to leave his seat of power. This would most definitely lead to a war which is already in the making, and has been for a long time.

The last option that he has, is to simply do as he is told, and then disappear while leaving his sons in charge of his empire. There are already many plots being made on his life as we speak.

Additionally, look for these riddles to come true.

“A gift mentioned, a gift geared, a gift that is not at all as it seemed”.

“Threats will be made, some threats will be true. The jester made enemies friends and friends enemies as he planned to do”.

Back to Weather and Economy

Hidden encoded message found in this part…

The economy still continues to plummet and will do so, as this has been a hidden factor that celebrity gossip and superficial things have been pushed into the masses. A rise in prices comes in the future. You will all be working longer and harder for the same needs and items.

The Dead zone approaches and in this expect deadly weather and dead influenza. Secrets began to come out but more truths shall surface but with my association with the time of year, planet and deity that I should bring this message as dangerous times. More to come from after me.

~ Archangel Cassiel