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Lyran Blue Feline

 In this article, I will reveal yet another race of Star beings, who have a few incarnations here, and who were here in the beginning. If you read my other blogs, you’ll know how Earth began and with who. The Lyran Race was a huge contributor to this experience. Quite a few in fact.
The Afim, are a people from the planet Crimea Pitri? Again, Earth given names. “Crimea” is a Peninsula in the Ukraine. “Pitri” is “a divine forefather of semi divine lineage. Afim is not a word but an abbreviation. It stands for Antarctic Flight Information Manual . The Ukraine has an observation for aerial navigation.
The word Lyra in reverse, is Aerial. Funny, since it is all about the “Association of the Afim “Flight”, messengers. Ariel, Aerial. Catching on yet? See how this is all set up now? Nothing is as it seems.. Are you really ready to enter in the truth? I have to say, I love everyone. You all mean the world to me. From the devoted fan, to the casual reader. From the total stranger, to the people who hate me. I love you all. Yes, in a world that does not know love any more, you have mushy gushy Alura LOL. Anyhow, I want to teach you all. But not many are ready. Truly, through the symbolism and all, not many get it. Truthfully.  I have internet trolls (I hate to call them that what else can we call them?Anyone know?) who come onto my page, and they try to lecture me. They say things like “Alura ____that is symbolism”, or “Alura your not awake because you believe in ____!” I say, “I know, Hello, I am using the symbolism myself, because some are not ready”. My goodness. Then I am wrong for using it too…it makes me like them... No, it makes me cautious. And when done for the right reasons, there is nothing wrong with symbolism, like a secret code, made for only those who understand. But as you can see, others use it to keep people totally ignorant and in the dark. That’s not me. I have provided a perspective into things, as instructed by the Creator. But I was told, be careful and protect some things until “the time”.
For now, I am also trying to expose some of the other things too, so that others can expand their awareness. I want to be trusted. I would never lead anyone astray but instead I lead to the light. That big beautiful beaming light in your liquid prism. 

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