Angelic Herald: The First Lady in white

In one of Metatron’s riddles, he spoke of a woman in white who would always win and would always be at the heart of everything. Well, the relevance of her position in the riddles comes to light.

The woman in white is about to pass on.

Metatron stated: “Hearken unto my voice. We have many things coming to take place in the human year of 2020, but ongoing into the future collapses as well. We are entering a time when the system as you know it will be at chaos. This was already foretold in previous heralding here. But still, what has not been addressed is she herself, who takes leave. Yet as always, I speak in parables….

“All hail but say farewell to them lady in white, She has been the sun during the day …Behind her was the cloak of the darkness of night. And now, the darkness sweeps her away.

Beneath her exist, three knights who are sure, that the darkness will appoint one of them, to be the Sun… who shines even more.

One knight rides the gray horse, another rides a dying stallion. And the one who rides his horse enshrined by a crown and medallion, will be he who rides to his future galore.

When she passes it will leave a legacy all on its own. But she goes when the old ways are no more and the world seems all alone. And the one knight will be more valiant. But her castle?… who is next… to call it their home?

Is it who everyone thinks?… Or someone else? For it is not he who rides the dying stallion, but instead the one who rides with great stealth.

The third knight who rides the gray horse, is just like the horse’s color. He fades away. As he rides into seclusion from his brother, he was scared off because by their rules, he refused to play.

But a knight does not get off easy when he breaks the law. And while it looks like it’s of his own choice that he disappears, it’s not like that at all.

But do people see with eyes open? Or do they look with them closed? That’s perhaps maybe everyone thought that he was leaving, for the things that he knows, and can also expose?

The knight on the dark stallion, was always the one who awaited his ride toward becoming the Sun. But he will not last in his authority for he is not thee chosen one. The two faced knight is led to the golden rays of sunlight instead. The one born on the Summer Solstice is ready to lead beside the lady in red…

The lady in white slowly winds down, it approaches soon, the adornment in the purple and ermine gown, the knights all prepare for when silence comes to befall the lands and not just only the town, when the big clock would’ve gonged, and turned over the crown.

The queen, the queen! All will exclaim! She leaves for the heavens!