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Sign of 1st Fire

Finally, I am sharing some fire letters from my home in heaven. If you’re just seeing this, please refer to the intro page.

In magic or in healing, even in the world of divination… there exist symbols unknown even to man which act as a portal, message or activator. The symbol below is a sign in the 6th dimension for the first fire. It says a lot about divinity.

This is a great fire symbol that provokes a very strong force for the awakening of something. For an example, if someone were so angry that they closed their mind to all reason, then this symbol could be drawn in the air by using a very specific way of activating it. It has the power energetically that would bring that person into the moment a great realization needed. The same applies to if someone were involved in a violent altercation, drawn in the air correctly, it could be used to access the portal in order to activate its force.. Even if in the middle of physical violence itself, this could help them to stop dead in their tracks and realize they’re wrong so as not to act out in a violent nature anymore.

This symbol makes a person open they’re eyes, and prevents a great disastrous life-changing outcome. It also on another realization level, has the ability to reconnect information related to higher self needed for the greatest eye opener of all, spiritual awakening. Assigned to the race of cherubim, it is just one of many sacred symbols owned by those in the 8th dimension who entrust its use to the class of virtues for proper use and safekeeping.