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Kitsune Souls


There are so many different kinds of souls, and I am so thrilled to cover this subject because it is as a soul that I have loved encountering in the realms. Mystical, and full of power. It is a true delight. I introduce to you, the Kitsune. That is a Japanese word of course, in truth they are Fire Foxes. Supernatural foxes, who give forth fire, sometimes engulfed in the flame. They have so many that what is online, is not even enough coverage. These beings were made here in the beginning. Their history brings them right around the time that the Jinn were created. Jinn are beings of smokeless fire. Smokeless fire? Uh… Fire without smoke? That sounds like light LOL. Light beings. But of a lower vibration of light. Not fast and quick like the angels…

 This is true, as the first beings on Earth were humans of light. However, when physical life took over and the matrix added mass to the vibration of light to create the imagery you see today, it made the world of the Jinn invisible to them. Many can not see spirit. They are unseen to most, unless a psychic or a messenger, or they allow themselves to be seen somehow by taking on a mass of something. Dust, smoke, usually things they use to project off of. Alot of animals were made of light too. They were meant to be taught and accompany the light humans, in life, as companions, and advisors, as they helped one another see into one another’s species, and its understanding. But when mass was introduced, man began to entrap animals, and eat them. However, some were still in the spiritual realm. The magical properties were not usable to those who were mass, as they forgot truth, and magic, and energy, to focus on the material world. But those still in the other realms, they had their power still. Kitsune were always there, always ready and willing to help aid the people in their task and conquests on Earth. However, the belief in magic, it soon faded away, only certain people clung to the idea of the Gods, Spirits, and Magical beings. Like I described in my other blogs, in how this all happened. Those still faithful, had access to the help and assistance of these beings, as they were set in charge of helping. However, some of the beings of light were angry. The Jinn, who are a specific group of light beings, thought the Earth was made for them, and that man was fragile in his vulnerable state. So they did not want to help them. They felt betrayed. Some of the Angels felt like man should serve them, so they would control instead of help, and all of the others were caught in the middle.
Many opted to still serve the Primal source of their existence, Source, and anyone that was placed in charge in the realms closest to us who were benevolent. In this case, Angels in the 7th heaven of Earth, and elemental spirits. Kitsune, are an elemental spirit. They are made of light, but they can transmute this into a lower form as fire flames. However, just like any other species, there is a fox spirit in each element. They are a fascinating soul, and do incarnate at times, although another rare type. Let’s find out more…

These souls are a part of each element. Some of fire, some of wind, some of mountains, some of water, some of darkness, and some cosmic. There are others who are a part of the trees, and some who have a place within the Clouds, and a subspecies who are a part of the weather, which descends from the clouds. They are very wise, and very powerful. Why do we only hear of them in Japan? Well, they worshiped elemental Gods, and spirit in ancient times at first, so their strong belief helped them to interact. Their belief attracted these beings so much so, that they came to the humans in Japan, to have contact. These spirit though, are shapeshifters. They can even take on a human form. However, they always have a trail behind them of their energy, many say is their tail. These spirits, also contain their soul in an orb within the heart center, and anyone possessing it, will control the Being. They do not take this well, and anyone who loses the soul and the Kitsune gains it back, they will be vengeful for being stripped of their soul. They do have a warrior side to them after all. They have a great message to them and were considered to be a part of the Inari.  The Inari spirits are beings  who are like givers and messengers in charge of small domains such as fertility, ancestral spirits, harvest, and many other things of those subjects. The Kitsune usually will come as women, but there are males too, and the males are called,  Tikitsune. There was a tradition to be possessed by these spirits, for their power, sort of like how Hollywood has rituals to become possessed for fame and wealth. The Japanese wanted it for power and protection. If someone took on many of the fire fox spirits, it was called a Nogitsune, or Yako. They had great power that way which many times became corrupt. They were feared and respected.  Their power was used to defeat enemies in great numbers.

The first spotting of the Kitsune that is documented is with a story in Japan. This was long ago, but again, it is not the only place they originated. In Japan their reverence made it much easier to work with these spirits, not to mention they even deliberately called them to live within themselves or relatives, that a kitsune would be passed down genetically, as generational spirits . However, he family lineage who had this occur, felt it was a great honor. They would end up activating the kitsune spirit within, would have huge power, wisdom, and magic. There are many foxes in the categories for them such as:  water fox, air fox, earth fox, and then the etheric fox They have a great light energy and are one of the most wide spirits out of a few.


Eventually, Kitsune would be passed down and live in the consciousness until activated within later on by the carrier. Kitsune started wanting to have bodies of their own though. Here and there, there were incarnated in to human form, born in psychical form. In this, they have a specific traits to them…

Positive Traits:

 They are very Powerful, the Kitsune souls have wisdom of their elements.

They are powerful in moving energy and especially their elements.

They are mysterious and quiet because they are watchers and observant..

They do not give out their wisdom, so as to protect it. They share only the iwsdom meant for that particular person,.

They are protective of themselves too, because they randomly never let anone come close.

Love of the supernatural, they attract energy and spirit, and they have a power to heal through magic\

Many are outgoing and charming, and charismatic, popular, and looked at as a leader.

They easily make friends, but trust is an issue.

There give off heat when around them.

Kitsune are a very fast in life, doing things very quickly

These souls are great Warriors, flexible, and swift

Passionate lovers, kitsune souls are very persuasive sexually, and domineering in intimacy.

Quiet and observant , kitsune souls are traditional, and keepers of vows and oaths that they make to others

They believe in love, and true friendships

Loving and powerful, these beings can tap into forces of nature

They have alot of paranormal occurrences in life.

They may have many Dark enemies, due to being a defender of their elements

They have visits from many spirits

They have  no anger, but they do wreck vengeance if their loved ones are hurt.

The kitsune will have powerful prophetic dreams

As people they will have an attraction to many spirit beings and areas of the magical world.

Very strong in their beliefs..

Full of honor and respect, they never deliberately betray anyone.

Th Kitsune of fire, do not like the cold, and vice versa.. Temperature sensitive.

They have vivid dreams of great translation..

Those are some of the most obvious traits for the kitsune soul types. However it is amazing that there are kitsune in every element, so they will have their own individual traits too, knowing can help  finding more on who they are. They are an amazing soul energy m the realms, and work with so many other spirits in unity, to help mankind and the planet.

Kitsune collect energy in their tails. The older and wiser, the more tails they have as they serve as extensions of their consciousness, much like fairies and angels do in their wings. The tail or tails, are powerful wielders of magic and wisdom. If you think you mt be a Kitsune, you may want to check out the soul reading on my site to find out more..Website