Weekly reading for 9/20 – 10/06 2016

Divine loving greetings,

Considering that I will not be able to do next week’s reading, I thought that I would do one now, that could carry everyone over into the first week of October.

In celebration of the festivities, I thought that I would use very specific cards that complement this lovely time, as well as complementing the theme week that we have in our groups on Facebook. Happy autumn everybody!

The cards that we got this week start with some emotional demons that rise to the surface. This week you may find that you are kind of struggling with different emotions that fluctuate back-and-forth. One minute you will be feeling very sensitive and questioning things, as well as yourself. Then, the next minute you will feel emotionally stable. Why is that? Well, it is because of the astrology for the next couple of weeks, that is why. Also, you will find that some old shadow Self treats will rise up to the surface, that will make you confront things from the past that you need to still work on. It isn’t always a pleasant thing to have to go diving into the past, but it was certainly appear because, it may be time to stop putting it off, in the healing process. You may think that you are feeling quite intuitive or empathic. But on the contrary, you are counter intuitive and empathic this week, picking up on things and misreading them, the wrong way. This is as a result of the sensitivities that you may be experiencing at this time. It makes you expect the worst. Another important thing to keep in mind is that we have a lot of things going on politically right now, that are tainted with a lot of darkness. Please be aware that there are a lot of things about to happen in that regard, coming soon. One last thing is that there will be something wrong with water in our world in general. So keep your eye out in the news, to find out what it is. As for me, I will reveal it in my astrology article, to come.

The next card that we have, reminds us that maybe the forces here on earth are a little stronger than we think sometimes. Going about life, the every day norm seems to make everyone think that it’s just ordinary life. They forget to look for the synchronicity, in relation to many things that may be happening to them in their life at the time. Start exercising a deep spiritual awareness, of all things going on around you. This will help you to cope with some of those emotions as you analyze them a bit better instead of allowing things that have happened in your past, to give you the final result. For an example,Someone who had been out casted and rejected a lot as a youth, this week will start to feel a bit isolated from others, even if others are not isolating them at all. They may just be reading into it that way. If you have any type of insecurities from your childhood, you may feel like others are focusing in on the things that you were insecure about! That is how it works. If you had sexual trauma, abuse, miscommunications, divorced parents, drug addiction, abortions, things like that are going to definitely rise to the surface in many different situations and people. When you look back through life experience, don’t allow these energies to make you interpret everything around you negatively. And said ask yourself what could be influencing you so much so, to be so negative at all?

The last card that we have, represents all intuition and reason. Obviously, this card is saying that in order for you to strengthen your reason and your intuition, you’re going to have to learn how to read the energies around you right. You cannot draw conclusions or come up with assumptions based on only things that you have experience yourself, where the moods and emotions that you feel. You may be picking up on things due to influences around you, and that may give you the wrong idea. The wrong idea then infuses your emotions more, causing you to react physically or vocally. That can lead to more mistakes, loss of friends and relationships, and even letting yourself down in your goals. Instead, try to look at things from many angles and perspectives. I actually had a wonderful client come through, who had been experiencing something very similar lately. Just remember that not every vibration that you get that remind you of something bad that’s going to happen, actually means that something bad is going to happen. No. It could be trying to tell you something else, but maybe your own emotions and experiences are clouding up what you are meant to see.

Altogether, these cards are trying to let you know that you are very distracted this week from your own inner demons. Things about your shadow Self are coming to the surface and you may be reflecting them off on to other people, assuming the worst, having miscommunications and perhaps even miss judging them. Maybe it’s time to take a mirror and look into it for a change, instead of using other people as mirrors instead. This could help you to come up with answers that help you to heal, and in addition afterwards, strengthen your intuitive abilities.

Not a bad week ahead if I may say! Just some things that you need to work out as you are still continuing onward in your journey. I also have noticed that a lot of people have really emotionally close them selves off lately because it’s really hard to trust anyone out there anymore. It’s not just involving friends, but also how family reacts, and even the world! Just the other day on the news, a young man had murdered his own father! People are turning against one another, fulfilling the Bible prophecy of, “nation will rise against nation, brother will rise against brother”. A nation is not just the country that you live in, but your family and your lineage to. If families cannot count on each other anymore, then we certainly cannot really trust our friends either. It’s a shame then I know a lot of people definitely miss read me all of the time. They missed judge my intentions, and also try to project who they are, on to me. Please always keep in mind that I am not like regular humans here. I am only full of love, and anyone who has met me in person will tell you that. But still, if you’re not projecting at me, you could be projecting at others.

Projecting can lead to miscommunication, miscommunication can lead to arguments, arguments can lead to anger, and anger can lead to God knows what. Especially with the lack of empathy that I spoke of in my video into her generation, it seems that without empathy or compassion, that really the world lacks a chance. Families have to stay strong and even a few disagreements, misunderstandings, and miscommunications… They have to learn to just love one another for who they are. Respect one another, for who they are. And if you can work that through and your family, you can use the same thing with your friends… Strengthening relationships rather than becoming isolated from them. The more isolated you become, the less empathy and compassion you will have later on. Then you will become just another numb person in the world, and when you are numb, ego sets in. Everything becomes all about you, and there’s really not much that can get in your way, when you are working with the ego. And when I mean by that is, there’s really not anything that a person would not do, to benefit them self… Even if it meant hurting other people in the process. That’s what a lack of empathy and compassion actually does to a person. If you have any remainder of light in your soul, allow yourself to continue to feel, even through the hardships and tribulations of the world around you. Stay with the lights. You may gain from the darkness for a little bit, but it will consume you later, and it will affect your afterlife experience as well. Stay true to yourself, to those that you say that you love, and to the heavens above. With that, when hard times come, after they pass… you will find that you are in a much better place than those who used ego in darkness, to get somewhere. Those of the people that end up alone. And loneliness is not a fun emotion to experience. So hang in there and be strong, fight through the obstacles! We have a lot of wonderful blessings coming our way and that is enough to keep you motivated. Participate with me on my pages, with some of the projects and festivities that I am hosting online and in-person. This could help you have something to look forward to and keep your mind off of things.

If you go to my website, Alura’s… you will find under the welcome section on my navigation menu, that there is a drop-down menu with the option for news and updates. If you click on that, you can learn about a lot of fun things that we are doing. There’s a lot to do, with a lot of blessings coming from all of those things. We need collapse for writers and guests for videos. We have a wonderful contest going on right now and so many more to come with even larger prizes! We have a wonderful celebration for everyone to try at home, and there are even some in person events, and workshops where you can come and meet with me, learn… as well as have fun. We also have a motivational women’s group, a higher learning group, and then a community… all on Facebook. That’s where we participate together! We have themes weekly, and lots of discussions. It’s a good place to be if you feel lonely. But we ask that you are loyal, fair, and open minded. And that is because we want the groups to remain non-competitive, so that people can have a positive place to go to, with out any underlying motive or intention. I do ask, if you are already in any of those groups and have an underlying motive, please know that I probably already know about it now as I speak. I have been through a lot this year, and I will start revealing whom I feel is untrustworthy, in the groups. And I say that because, I think everybody has had enough manipulation and false friends. With that being said, you can join if you have a good motive to do so. We are open hearted and welcoming to anyone who needs the additional support and love… at this time. I put a lot of heart and soul into everything that I do to make everybody happy, and to have something in their lives other than the repetitive mundane lifestyle around them each day.

Don’t allow your heart to rule your head this week. Always use your self awareness, in addition to using many perspectives in your intuition, and if you’re not sure, ask for help. If things do rise to the surface within you that you struggled with in the past or still do… try not to see it negatively. Instead, know that the issues are coming up for your better good in a greater change. See the lessons, heal, release, and then move on.