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Ara Starseeds

Mu Arae (Ara) is 242 light years from earth. I have quite a few clients from this star system, and it is so beautiful. There are a few planets in Ara, on them there are a few races of beings of different appearances. Blue humanoids of sparkling skin tone. They have an iridescence to their skin. Then, in the other planets are people of a natural pink earthly tone from their climate and environment, others who are skeletal looking. Not as attractive, but interesting. They are not friendly looking, but they are friendly. They get a bad wrap for their look, but really are gentle. But the ones I have worked with mainly are the blue toned people. 

These are kind, loving,and protective people of their home and of one another, but they are super wise, and do have warrior like tendencies. They have a planetary shield that their highly technological world produces and engineers from pure sound vibration. The vibration is so high that the frequency creates a bubble of sound around the atmosphere to protect it from highly magnetic clouds and asteroids. It absorbs pollution too. Something earthlings should have made for our planet, but instead used a similar concept to imprison souls here, and it has not pollution cleansing properties like back in Ara. They say it is a myth, but it is not. The truth is, the people here are trying to hide it. It was known as the Alter constellation, offering of the Gods. But it is not an alter, it is actually a  pi symbol they just did not connect the starts right. Some of the stars they added from earth are too far away to be a part of the system. They knew their mistake and so they claimed it was a myth altogether.

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This is an old race of people but they were not originally form Ara. Many migrated to start over, as our people here on Earth plan on doing in a cultivation of Mars. Ara people actually came from Cassiopeia and migrated there for freedom from the council there, as their laws were becoming strict. So they started over, meeting the natives of Ara, and marrying some, creating a new race. The native Ara people were fleshy toned, with hair and  very human in appearance, but when the blue Cassiopeia race mixed their DNA, their genetics dominated, thus the future races later on ended up looking more Cassiopeia, than Araen. Cassiopeia has a few races, one silver, and another that is green and purple. But there were also blues.  They have a wonderful city that has a tunnel that connects their ship in which they landed in Ara with, to the main city of Ara floating in the middle on the old Tree of Arachasta. This tree contains the DNA of the entire star system as a record of the star system’s history. The city sits atop it, and has many beam ships, as well as towers. It is all high rise buildings there, as they did not want to spread out over the planet and ruin it with construction. Good idea. Didn’t our people once have that same idea? Tower of Babel? Hmm. That tower would have been a great idea, but the deceptive rewrite of the Bible has it as being evil, when in fact it was agenda writers who mark it as being a bad idea, when the truth is they wanted the “Project Babylon” plans of conquering the four corners of the earth for their bloodlines, to take place. We all see how that went. Vegetation on Ara is grown in green houses not on the terrain, as the terrain is way down below, and the Arachasta Tree floats high above, have detached its roots, from the ground, and lack of gravity made it float up, but the people added anchor wires to hold it in place. he tree itself is as old as the planet, and very important.

Very beautiful, kind, caring race, of beings who are about conservation, and souls that incarnate from there, will have a bit of a conversationalist at heart, caring about the earth, animals, and the air. Many become humanitarians, animal activists, and biologists. I have even though architecture as being a wonderful job or interior design, because of their sharp eye for the beautiful. Very good at building or designing, as it is seen in their home world.

Star seeds from Ara, are loving, wise, and very active. They have a great aura that carries empathy, intuition, and compassion. They would do anything for anyone who asked, and seldom ever turn anyone down. A lot of star seeds have that trait though. What makes the Araen star seed different is, that they are full of melancholy mixed with an inner joy, if that makes sense. Here they are sad by the way the world is, but inside they are happy souls.Deeply intuitive and sentimental, their existence on Earth is challenging.They are very very emotional and sensitive, and they care about family and home. These beings are sympathetic and get very attached to the people around them. They are very loyal and empathetic people, able to empathize with your pain and suffering. Many of them have  fleeting emotional patterns that they cannot always control, especially when a child. This can show itself as mood swings. These incarnations, are quick to help others and avoid conflicts.They do not make it a point to over excel in life, because they are happy and content to have a loving family and tranquil and harmonious home. Yes, they become homebodies, and seldom like to leave the house after collecting people in their lives, that they resonate with. They make a family of their own, out of friends, other relatives, and their own children later on. Once they have their group, they will want to protect and nurture at all costs. It is nice to have someone so dedicated. They love music, and doing things with their family, like outings, but only if everyone goes. They will feel very let down, if someone says they do not want to participate, because if they were asked themselves, they would never turn down an opportunity to be with their loved ones, and do not understand when others do. They do like alone time, but not too much of it. They’ll try to get some peace, but end up going off to find one of their family members to talk about. They talk a lot too. Loving conversation, they are quiet, but not when a topic of interest comes up. Then they will talk and talk. Never acting like a know it all, they listen to the ideas of others fairly, which makes a great listener and conversationalist. They are very mellow, down to earth people, and always act themselves, they are on of the incarnations that do not feel like they have to hide who they are. That is because they know, anyone who is in their life is because they liked them, for them. Other who do not would not make loyal friends, and this star seed type, only wants genuine friends.

They are wonderful in all, and their world in Ara is awesome. Seemed a bit bunched in one place, but I though it was sweet, because not only did they want to save the planet this way, but also they all stick together, and are very loving toward one another, that all live in this huge community near each other, like a big happy family.

A client of mine had said to me, “ it’s literally impossible, according to the laws of physics, that a planet lacks gravity. Every single object that has a mass different from zero has gravity… we do to!!! Even a tiny atom does…”

 To answer this: First of all, the matrix here has it programmed that we are “physical”, that we are mass, but the truth is, nothing here is. It is all programming, made by the Creators. She is only seeing things from this world’s surface level. For those of you out there who may have  said the same thing in the back of your minds, here is the truth… It is a spiritual environment in Ara. Just as it is here, and everywhere.  Ara is a Higher plane of existence. The laws of physics change in other realms. That means nothing is really physical there, here or anywhere. What laws and science apply here, history, and so on, do not apply in other matrix programs.  I know all about physics as I studied it for 8 years in college. To the beings in Ara, they experience it as if it were physical to them. Honestly, what they say in science here, is all lies with the agenda of the NWO. History, Science. A lot of things are wrong and covered up. I am teaching the truth in my Truthology courses. But yes, in other planes, the laws are different. and Ara is 4 and 5 Density. So it was a way of trying to explain their environment.  The fact I say there is no gravity, is my way of metaphorically saying that the environment is light, spiritual, a holographic environment where the creators wanted it to be afloat.  The technology that they have there, all makes the environment hover, while there is land and water down below. They altered the gravity. Just like they can do  here. I have the real truth, and am trying to teach everyone beyond this programmed world. If you understood physics like I do, you would see that this is a hologram environment, and what applies here, is different elsewhere. In other realms, the laws and physics are different according to their program. Have you been outside of this matrix? Can you remember? I do, and what I have seen is that each world is different, even the Universe is much different than they describe… You have no idea how much truth is beyond what they give here.

Are you an Ara Starseed?