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Metatron’s 3rd Riddle 

The story of: The Jester and The King

“Oh fallen king, Oh, how you have feigned gone to sleep!

Fooling the world, when you really stood, in the background to silently still speak.

It was like a big game then, of worldwide hide and seek.

Except you weren’t so hidden were you? You were really there all along!

Only you had someone else to come, and sing-along your song.

They all thought that you were dead, as you were hiding away.

And they sent The Jesters out, for it was time to play.

“Make the people laugh, put them all in a big surprise!”Said, the Fallen King, to The Jesters in disguise. You have a performance, watched by all eyes!

But the one jester, he was confident, he thought that he’d play king.

Except that he believed that he truly was king, all throughout the whole thing!

Never take a jester’s hat, and replace it with a crown!  Because even in a costume, a jester is a jester nonetheless, underneath he’s still a clown!

And this clown thought he did a good job, as he made his speech. But watch now, because his words were false, A script that he did preach!

For Going on, was a great playwright, the world became its screen.

And there were many big “edits” truly happening, right there behind the scenes.

But nobody could see them, they were all  being entertained  by someone else.

It happened oh so quickly  then, the two jesters brought down to play from off of the shelves.

They spoke some shocking things, and made the world gasp in awe!

That was the point now wasn’t it? Like the game, bounced back-and-forth, as you checked the ball!

Sneaky King, There were so many surprises, that everyone’s head did begin to spin. So many unexpected changes, no one would had asked at all where you had been!

But the signs and times keep pointing, and now it comes the hour. Where the jesters must go home and sleep, and so that a king should come claim the power.

Poor Jester! Did you not really know? Could you really be that blind? Or were you all along a part of it, the changing of the times?

Instead of your being put back on your shelf, to again one day await another play, you’ll be the one who is tucked forever secretly away.

The Jester will lose his glory, and he’ll be the one to really sleep. As the king starts to rise again, but this time at his peak.

But a king is a king no less, no matter of his title. And he will try to take his throne back,  in moments when it’s vital.

For at one time I had said, “2017 will be the year”! And the angels cried down from the sky, “people have no fear”!

The Jester, He runs out of time, the show will soon come to its end.

And everyone will say goodbye to The Jester and his Jester friend.

What a good show put on there my puppets! Because The Jesters? Remember there were two?

And all along, as you sang your song, no one knew next, what The King would do.

You see, The Jesters were put up on the stage, to herald the King’s new rise! And since the plan had been hidden but dropped some clues, that actually left no more surprise.

The People had grown weary, of being tricked all of that time, that when the king had rose again, it had already been on their mind.

They knew there would be no fighting, and the king was better ruling after all, rather then being led by The Jesters, who could have foreseen their fall.

The people cried aloud, “But we thought the king was dead”! Only because the thought of him was taken down, like a gunshot to the head!

Now, what will the poor King do? He’s going to have to clean up all the mess. Because no matter if he were disguised after all, a jester is made to jest.

What lo! The King returns swiftly, he has a deal with East! The poor Jester can’t see that it was a play about peace that would never be reached.

They’ll cut the Jesters down,  off of their strings, and a new tune carries in the crowd as the hidden King sings.

The King ,The king! Now the knights and bishops all take position. Was it all worth it for this haughty mission?

The King fooled the Jester, but was the jester aware? It is time that the audience should now be more aware.

The stars shall cry, no rest for the ages, no rest for the Sun.  The King finds himself the ruler, of many, not only one.

The King of the West supports His cousin, a king of the East.  As they planned their plan, did the Jester truly believe that he alone could bring peace?

No, that’s tenor the plan now, the Jester helps the lady in white. Ha! But the lady in white helps the King, cloaked in the darkness of night.

One by one, opponents of the lady in white, are picked off behind scenes. And before The Jester’s role is complete, and the audience can know what this all truly means.” –  Archangelic Metatron

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