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Heralding Update: 12/31 “The Approach of the Neverending Day”

And so it begins….

“It exercised all the authorities of the first beast on its behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast  whose fatal wound had been healed. And it performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people.”~ Revelations 13

It was said; the leader is not going anywhere. A stunt will be pulled to extend his stay in power. That is what jesters do. They put on a show and lay downs tricks. The dragon and the beast. Lady riding the dragon…4. The divine feminine is represented by the number four, for she embodies the epitome of the emotional self, but adds that to the logical self (mind), the body that it resides in, and all of that makes a complete soul. Without all of them, a soul is not complete. Imagine a desensitized human race… uh…yea.

More awareness can come through with a complete self. More intuition. And for a world being taken into the hands of a new age and order, there is a deadening of that but to mock that fact, it’s necessary to have a woman stand as a mascot. But first, the old ways of the ruling authorities must pass away. And unfortunately before the woman can lead physically, the fall of the power standing now must occur. The overzealous, self pleasuring, self entitled power, will give much resistance in backing away and gathers support to keep the lead. Other countries give support to him and many fear the consequences. He tries to hang on and pursues more distractions from issues that were once convenient to hide, to make the people think that they need him as the only elected leader there to settle them. The longer it’s dragged out, the longer the distraction, and the more support is gathered until everyone realizes how much time actually passes by. The four of 2020, is the year that America commenced with its plan. The very same one that was hidden behind the circus of the political scene all along. truly it will be difficult for women raising children from here on out is they will need a great deal of spiritual strength and help. And how blessed are they who have exited this world before this time.

This called the “never ending day”. As it approaches you will find the prophecies unfold but what’s more is that everyday will seem the same but more empty. Time will go faster. And change will be harder to achieve . Your world enters a shut down as a new foundation is laid. That is why those of another time and way of life, different morals… will die one by one. The former things must be eliminated totally so that no remnants of it can make the new way seem out of the ordinary or questionable. It will seem as if it is the same day over and over again with the only changes that are occurring are of ones that are devastating outstretched all over the Earth. . This is the revealing of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. But was it really a Wolf all along? Why is it that they had promoted so much of the lamb and the ram for the birth of Christ, when it was supposed to be the age of Pisces? Would dare not had been more references to the fish? There were, but not nearly as many. It was still referencing the age prior to it. It was almost as if they were saying symbolically, everyone would be held within the age of Aries, force, control and law, was just light touches of the fish or a Pisces, spread about here or there. However the Aquarian age had already begun with great strides and technological advancement all of this time.. It was going on already during the whole age of Pisces in which they researched, and advanced in technology quickly. Ponder that for a moment. How is it that only in a few decades great inventions of technology a ruse, but it had not done so before? Well it had. It just could not be revealed yet because it would have seem to be out of place and out of time. But now if you look to see with clean fewer eyes, you will see the well there should be one each, and said there is placed another. The truth was hidden away in the stopped up sands of time, that we were actually on the verge the last age of man.  is it really the very last age of men? or is the last age of man as in their ridership, their dominion injuriously over one another? Will there be a new telling of time after this? This is why it was said to renew your mind for a new heaven and new earth. Anyone containing the infection of the way that the system was afterwards, isn’t going to be able to bring it into the renewal. It will contaminate it. Everyone must cleanse and transcend.

A new war arises, where others who know the truth will step in to defend against the bully. Money is owed for goods no longer exchanged because of the debt. Thus, to create the war, the goods will be taken. Attacks will be made on the U.S, but more so attacks will be made by them. The leader provoked war for keeping his stay.

He will not leave accordingly. He has people in his pocket. The Never-ending Day. One day, he is elected. One day he is impeached. One day a war begins. One day, everyone realizes that nothing has changed. Force will be needed. It’s Generation Z… the last letter? Does that not say enough? And the promotion of propaganda for Capricorn, the last age? Megiddo has started. The so-called Holy Land originated in Sumer and then Babylon as the “first ones” landed and built there. Their teachings and beliefs spread as many migrated from Sumer to Babylon, Egypt, Canaan… Israel became the Holy Land to the age it was founding, not the actual original “Holy Land”. Holy land would be considered that which started it all, from hence things originated from. And if you look at it, Iraq is right around that area. but we still have war happening in Israel as well. The heavens declare, all prophecies commence from now onward. Beware.

It is the time when a leader is one that has the death that is symbolic and a resurrection that is symbolic to. When people thought that this time was over “death”, he rises up again “resurrection”.  All of these prophecies have come true, think of how real all of this really is? Where does the information come from? Why is it different from everyone else’s but yet always on point? Why was it hidden from you to begin with? The effects will be horrendous. Review all Heralds! The woman who is lady mysteries is she who controls the heads of the dragon. Lady America steeply enriches in the occult (mysteries) who controls the other countries from out of force. Who not only listens but actually hears? Why do you allow your eyes a little more slumber? It does not affect you directly now, the effects of it will.

Ask yourself, do you feel the same inside or toward life…as you did 5 years ago?

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