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Trumpet Blast #2

I work with many angels and Spiritual beings on a daily basis. I work with Archangel Raphael at least 2-3 times a day. He brought forth this short herald. There are hundreds of emails coming in now with questions. It’s not surprising as I expected many to inquire in awe, of the revelations that I predicted coming true one after another. Now a new one. But first a small word.

Personal thoughts…

Really, I have cried for a long time in feeling the doubts that were beneath the surface of many. I never lied and I only ever tried to help. I understand that being a Messenger and a prophetess, during this new age has always made me a threat, even as early back when I was a little girl. I didn’t expect any less than the same limitations that were imposed upon me. But at some point it would finally be nice to get the respect and the support that I deserve. If not, than at least I know that I did what I was meant to do in my mission here. In that, I can leave this Earth happily. I’ll keep posting these messages and I would die I ever stop helping others but with a heavy heart I’ll be keeping to myself more so now because of the hurt of not having had the same kind of protection, support or unconditional love that I have given, in exchange. I know that when they were other messengers before me, they were all treated the same if not worse. But it’s one thing to know about another person’s experience, then it is actually experience it yourself. There has been so much hatred, jealousy, competition and negativity projected at me and all I’ve ever shown was love and acceptance even to those mean to me. It’s ok not to be liked but you can still dislike a person and have respect and kindness. With that, it really has shown me what humanity is all about. I understand . I do. And I truly have compassion and sympathy that human beings cannot believe in something greater than themselves or show respect to those that represent it. The world is an ego based place where no one can praise anyone outside of themselves. I still have immense love for all though. However in terms of my personal life, I must now withdraw socially to protect myself. I’ll keep only in contact with those whose love I know is sincere. I’ll always be here to help anyone reaching for it though. I know one day many who have crossed paths with me, they will pass on from this world and know that it was all real. I am OK with myself from this point forward. 

Trumpet Blast #2

The sound of the higher vibrational energy alarmed me to his presence. Like a trumpet it sounded. The Electromagnetics grinding against each other in the conflict of different frequencies. His higher vibe overwhelming Earth’s lower… the wow of it!

Archangel Raphael came before me, brilliant in his blinding glow of glory. The energies of Mercury and Air.

“The plague, will be revealed that it was a weapon. The people in shock, some will rise against their authorities. Ah yes, from the pack, a wolf in sheep’s clothing will finally be revealed!

There is a mixture of potions in the air and it enchants the people into hysteria, confusion, illness, and anger. The plague was not only a way to exterminate some of the populations but wearing masks was encouraged because Earth’s atmosphere is no longer livable completely. The dark consciousness mixed with the symptoms of air poisoning as Alura mentioned in the past, increases. Yes, there are also such high levels of toxins in the air that you now need a mask to live there. There is a lack of perception as the mind conforms to a controlled state, amidst the poisonous air. But yet we told you did we not? Why else are people selling designer masks and some sites show up to two ads of different styles to purchase? Because, the virus is not all to be concerned over. Much was feigned, and even actors played a role in enforcing its “real severity” when it wasn’t on the level it was presented to be on to begin with. Many will open their eyes, many will chose to shut them.

Soon, the people will be asked to submit to the “beast” through total and utter surveillance. A tracker is designed to watch and to control the economic state of the world. Many will come to see, that there is not one thing we were wrong about. The economy is being flooded out. No more three classes. Only wealthy, only poor, like the hunger games movie you have there which was also spoken about in the past. A new currency arises as well. Truly an indoor generation of technology. Get ready to play “the run around”.

And I looked and I saw, the headlines spoke of many who had been ill, had been so from a great betrayal all along. Slowly it was spoken about and then it was something that could no longer be ignored. The plague had been truly a weapon and not at all what it had seemed.

Accordingly, great fires started in the cities that cowboys used to dwell. The people cried out angrily: “A days wage for goods, but without having a days wage to obtain things?!” The sun began to scourge the Earth, food was scarce and the heat cooked the plague until it bubbled over, until it multiplied and spread like yeast in bread. But it was then that headlines grew quieter.

Huge scorpions in the sky, let down their tails to sting the Earth in places where the people were guilty of prejudice, perversion and greed. The princes under me, danced in circles until they disturbed the waters which then violently danced in a perfect waltz. The sky was like a ballroom, and the dancing groups of partners swept up the Earth and it’s inhabitants like dust beneath their feet.

The Earth in its vengeance had no mercy. And still decided to ignore it. Forget not the prophecies prior to this. It’s a time to pay attention.

If anyone has questions for the herald please email me and I can do deeper information in videos on YouTube. Reach me at with “Angelic Herald” as the subject.