Angel bath Kol

Angel Bath Kol

Bio: About- Angel Bath Kol

This is a beloved angelic friend of mine whom I have known prior to my coming to earth and also have worked with, as a Messenger here. In fact, I featured her as one of the angels in my intuitive card deck. I hand selected those angels along with help from above, for what they represented so that those cards could really reveal a lot in regards to a persons life. This angel is one of great divine prophecy. She has come to earth to live in a physical incarnation as the prophetess Huldah. According to the Bible, this was during the time of the king Josiah. She prophesied that a great devastation would come upon the people who turned against God. She was also a prophet as far earlier on but was not mentioned since most of her prophecies were taken from her by her husband. He took credibility for them. For a long time many people thought that he was in communications with the heavens, when it had been the wife talking to the heavens for him all along.

But again those are the ways of man. They care only for their own glorification. As it is said though, those that seek glory will be beat down in life so that life can show them that they are not as glorious as they thought at all. This will hopefully lead them to a path of humility later. For many, they end up feeling self-pity instead. Very few are those that learn what true humbleness means. For those that are already humble though, the few that there are, when they begin their path toward enlightenment, life will lead them to find little nuggets of gold, that can then be added together in the end for a great shining glistening bar of gold. This is when man learns his true glory.

In other words, for those that think they are great, life will put them through great trials that will show them that they are not and that greatness is something that needs to be earned, fought for, and proven. They prove it not only to themselves but to those who come to place their trust in them. For those that are already humble and seek no greatness at all, the heavens will provide it for them because greatness already exists within them because of their ability to look beyond themselves

It has not been many that I have seen who have taken path humbly, naturally. 

Even in Bath Kol’s time on earth, she herself had not really seen anyone truly humble. Only the ways of those who are divine and from the Holy Spirit are the ones that carry such great virtue. Living on planet earth was quite difficult for her. I can relate. It must have truly felt terrible to of had such an intimate and personal relationship with the heavens that she was able to obtain answers about the future, and then have someone else take credibility for it. But, she was the true definition of humble, and she did not write back. She allowed her prophecies to be spoken and given to those that they were meant to be delivered to, by her husband. I won’t name what prophet it was, that was actually getting his information from this angel in human form. However, many didn’t know her when she came to earth as the prophet is later on who delivered messages to the Israelite people on behalf of the heavens to try to get them to turn back to their loving and loyal ways of worship, and to stay away from the ways of the world. I can only imagine how frustrating that must’ve been as well. She really wanted to help people but found that they would rather lived making bad choices because it was easier instead. This caused pain in her heart. I know of many times I have had conversations with her, and she’s described a lot of people that she had gotten close to, that all went down a wayward path. This is why she didn’t reincarnate into a human body later on after that. She feels very much the same as I do, that giving such a pure and unconditional love to a human only leads to a broken heart time and time again. 

Later on, she did work with some of the greater psychics of the later times. I do know of a psychic here on earth that wasn’t as psychic as he claimed, but he did have some gift. His name was Edgar Cayce. She most certainly delivered some information to him a few times regarding spirituality. He was the last person that she had spoken to, until May. After having worked with Mr. Cayce, she had sworn off delivering messages to humans as well. She had finally gotten to her limit of feeling fed up with working with human beings because he had never mentioned which angel he had gotten his information from. He had only ever just given credibility to himself. The next time that she would speak to anyone on earth, would be to deliver messages to someone of her own kind.

My background with her

 I had not heard from her yet, and had her first appeared to me when I was eight years old. I was walking down a street called Bates Avenue in West Berlin New Jersey at the time. I remember passing by the playground that I often played at and just staring off at the swings. I wasn’t actually looking at the swings. I was looking beyond them, and one of my psychic stairs. At that moment I saw the angel Bath Kol appear walking ahead of me and she first drew my attention away from the swing so that I would notice her, and once I had… She pointed back over at the swings. It was then that I had a vision of the future. I saw myself much older, playing with a small blond haired girl at the same playground. I saw myself pushing the little girl on the swings, and then giving her a piggyback ride on my back. It was a quick scene, but I knew that she was telling me that I was going to have a little girl with blonde hair and blue eyes later on in the future. I was really happy about that and it was some thing that I kept with me for all of those years until it actually happened.

Through all of the messages and visions that I have ever had in my lifetime and the different angels that had delivered them, she had come to me with only one vision and than returned to finish it later on. I had already been mentored by our heavenly Lord, Metatron, and Barakiel throughout my earlier life, and had some time learning with my spiritual mother archangel Ariel. But I had not heard from Ariel for a few years and by the time that I was 17 years old, I was feeling really homesick. 

All that I have ever wanted was to become a mother and to have as many children as I possibly could. If that meant becoming a mother to my own babies, adopted babies, or for babies… It didn’t matter to me. Earth’s void of love, that the only way to experience it even a little bit close to how it is up there in the heavens, is to create my own little family and give my own love. I was just newly married for the first time at a very young age. I was sitting on the back steps of my house that year. Since I had had the vision of the little girl at the age of eight, it would have already been nine years later that the same angel appeared again to give me the rest of my prophecy. I was sitting by myself at the moment, and I felt these butterflies moving around in my tummy. The angel appeared in the grass just underneath of a beautiful tree that I had in my backyard, to the right of me. She smiled and touched her belly and then disappeared. I knew that she was trying to tell me that what she had shown me in the vision that she had given me when I was eight years old, was about to actually happen. I found out that I was having a baby two weeks later. There was no question about the gender, or anything else at all. I already knew that it was a little blonde haired girl that I had seen in the earlier vision. I was very thankful to see the same angel again. I went on to continue my communications with my angelic mentors from above, and didn’t run into her again until I was about 20 years old.

I noticed that a lot of the prophecies that she gave me from that point forward, always seem to pertain toward someone’s problem and having children, times of great fertility, or prophecies of a baby to come. For a lot of friends and associates that I had, she always would deliver me such news. This helped out a lot of people because for those that were having trouble having children, we were able to get to the bottom of what was causing the problem. For those that were excited about becoming a mother, they were overjoyed to hear that they would have a baby. But then again, having a baby isn’t always the most joyous news to everyone. There had been a message or two that had reached some girls at different times, that they were going to have a baby and they weren’t all that happy about it. However, having the information ahead of time prepared them more so to handle it better when the time finally came. I ran into those girls a year later after I had given them those messages, to find that they had had their babies and that they were actually happy about it by that moment.

Bath Kol would give me messages of that sort for the years after all the way up until the year 2014. It was that year that she started to talk about some more serious situations with me. She also gave me some of my very own future revelations as well but I’ll talk about those at another time. Already with all of the angelic Herald prophecies that were put out there in this website, and then the trumpet blast blog posts that complement those prophecies, she’s been behind four of them. Either by herself or working with a major angelic deity, she was present. I thought of doing a special angel bio on her because not a lot of people really know about her or that they can lean on her in times of need.


This angel specializes in quite a few different things. Many seem to associate these beings with very specific correspondences, and if there are a few, people usually try to present them to relate. However, her correspondences don’t relate 100%. What I mean is that, there are other things that could be completely on different sides of the thought, in these different categories. For one, she is an angel of divine prophecy. This means that she provides insight into situations from a divine standpoint. When I say divine standpoint, not many people will understand the meaning of that because they don’t really understand how heaven views things. I’ve heard a lot of angel channelers who claimed that they talk to the heavens but yet the advice that they give us gets so simple. The heavens are very complex. She delivers messages about very intense subjects, and a very complex but yet in depth and wise manner. She is also an angel who is in charge of fertility, and childbirth. There are other angels who also take care of this department, but there doesn’t always just have to be one. In fact having a couple of different deities who work in a similar field, can ensure that a lot of people get a lot of help when they need it. This beloved angel helps in providing messages of childbirth, fertility issues, or even loss, when the circumstances surrounding those subjects are not favorable. That means that she’ll, usually with a message that someone is having a baby, that may have circumstances that could prove to be hard for the person when they actually have the baby itself.

Another example is that she may tell a person that they’re going to have a baby, that they may not really want one or fear what type of parent that they’ll be because they came from a bad home themselves. For me, I was not fearful, and I certainly really wanted my baby. She only delivered my messages in regards to my first child’s birth, because it was her way of introducing herself into my life. When it comes to others, pregnancy will be something that may cause them some trouble or difficulty along the way whether emotionally, mentally, or physically. She is the one to deliver those messages because usually she brings with them, promises that everything will be all right.

Because she works in the domain of childbirth and fertility, this will also surround a lot of family issues as well. I know of a woman that once had gotten an STD from being a bit promiscuous. It was easier for her to hear the news from the angels through a message that she had gotten from me, then it would have been for her to gotten a diagnosis from the doctor first. Her STD made it impossible for her to have children later on in life. In that same message, I provided that info for her to prepare her. She was really devastated but, after having the Channeling, she went to the doctors, heard the same news and I think she was able to accept her fate a little bit better.

She also works with other angels that are in the same department, like Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel presides over the moon which also fits the category of fertility and childbirth into it. Because these are the waters of life, Bath Kol works closely with Gabriel as the reigning deity over these things because there are a lot of emotional problems that sometimes come with a woman’s time of month or childbirth. In fact there are many people that suffer from emotional issues and depression before they get their period. There are a lot of women that also go through postpartum depression and a huge impact, after they’ve had their babies. This angel and the Archangel Gabriel both together, help to try to provide comfort, and stabilization.

Since she relates to those things, she will also relate to them in a symbolic way as well too. Right now the earth is getting ready to give birth itself. In a metaphorical way, it is giving birth to a brand new age. With it there are pains. If you look around you in the world today, the world is in total chaos and a lot of people are suffering from it. That is why she has been present during a lot of the Channelings that have taken place with the prophecies regarding the things to come for that age. It’s truly appropriate that she add some insight to some of those messages alongside the angels that came to deliver them. They are a family after all.


This angel works with the colors of pale blue, yellow, and a very very light red that it looks pink. These are usually the colors of her spiritual sphere that she travels in and the aura that circles all around it. When she does appear in the form of an image of a woman, these are the colors that go all around her head, and her halo. It’s absolutely beautiful and represents the intentions, emotions, and knowledge that she brings with her. As you know these colors represent life, joy, comfort, and love. Her messages are always very gentle even if the subject of the message seems to be intense. 

Her flower is that of the Polygonum capitatum. And this is such the perfect flower to represent her too. It’s also called not weed and it’s good for its levels of zinc, potassium, and many other ingredients that are actually very beneficial to a woman during pregnancy. It’s actually good for those that really need an immunity boost for illness, but a good immunity is good for growing a baby. The flower can help with respiratory illnesses, and also provides a lot of assistance when it comes to your gum‘s and gingivitis. Women often have problems with their gums when pregnant. It’s also known to stop bleeding. The best thing about this flower and its shoots are that you can eat it. You can turn it into basically anything from soup, tea, pies etc. because it tastes a lot like a rhubarb. Rhubarb‘s are delicious, well I think so anyway.


This is actually a pretty invasive plant and I don’t know why anyone would see it as a garden troublemaker. It actually creates a beautiful blanket of little pink knotted flowers and is absolutely stunning. It kind of reminds me of a pink babies blanket. I thought that that kind of made a lot of sense when thinking about how the first message that she ever delivered to me here on earth was to tell me I was going to have a baby girl. When I learned about her flower, I thought about how so many things really do come together. It looked like a baby blanket! Wow!

I also imagined if I ever did get to live in that beautiful perfect little house in the middle of nature that I’ve always wanted, that I would probably like to have my yard blanketed with pink knotweed or something similar. I love the color pink so much and to imagine a little cottage somewhere with pink flowers throughout the yard, just gives me the picture perfect idea of peace.

This angel does not have a stone or crystal that she works with singularly but rather she works well with any. For any stone or crystal that you have, she can channel her energy into it. I’ve always used blue topaz for her,  which has always really amplified my transmissions. In fact, when I first had my vision at eight years old of my future daughter, I was wearing a blue topaz necklace that my uncle had bought for me for Christmas the year before. Looking back, I had on a pair of very small blue topaz earrings when she appeared to me later on at the age of 17 as well too. However, whenever I have tried to call upon her myself without waiting for her to appear on her own, I have always used a RAW piece of blue topaz in the shape of a sphere. When I got mine, they were a little harder to come across. These days, you could probably find just about anything.

She doesn’t correspond with any particular day, or month. She also doesn’t occupy any correspondence in regards to a specific number. But she does relate to the elements pretty well. She isn’t just one element, but rather embodies them all. Fertility is all about creation, and that relates to the goddess who corresponds to the number four and is about all of the four elements working together in order to create. This also includes not only the four physical elements of the material world, but the four spiritual elements of the heavens as well.

She has one brother in the Heavens who had been created long before she was. I knew her when she was working with my spiritual mother archangel Ariel, in the star systems of Lyra in their heaven. I didn’t know much about her prior to that time but once she had been there for a little while, I had come to know a lot more about her. Her brother had come to visit before going out on his mission to another reality located in another star system. He knew that he would be there for quite some time and that somewhere in the timeline of his being there, his sister would already be sent to earth for her two lifetimes and for other jobs that she would perform in the spiritual world in between. She was going to stay within earth’s heavenly planes. He himself, didn’t have any mission relating to earth and so he would continue on his own path going in another direction for quite some time. They’ll be reunited later on in the future, but I did get to meet him while he was seeing her before they both went there ways. His name is Angel Nodajeel (No-DAH-Sheel). 

Other than him, she doesn’t have any other relations in the lineage except for any offspring that she herself has created. I won’t go into that right now, since there are quite a number of them.

In regards to some of her soul children, a lot of them are still with her in her Legion that she presides over in the heavens. Some of her soul children went on to go into other realities including 3-D earth, to live and have experiences of their own. She was appointed members for her legion by Archangel Michael and the Most high. All together those that are in her legion based upon her soul children and those that were appointed to her are 11,000 in total. She and her Legion have many times helped out other angels by joining with them when there was a need for a bigger army so to speak. Most of the time though, when it comes to delivering messages… She will appear alone.


This angel appears in a giant ball of light in the colors of pink, blue, and yellow. It goes exactly in that order as well too. The inner core is pink with blue around it and then yellow in the outermost layer. These are paler shades of these colors and very bright. As I stated above, she will appear in a human apparition with these same colors around her head like a halo. In her appearance, she has golden blonde hair that comes to the middle of her arms and has eyes that are green and brown mixed. I guess you would call that a green hazel color. She often wears a long blue robe that goes over a long white gown, tied with a blue blue belt and tassel. 

She has a heart shaped face, with lips I have a cupids bow, and a long thin straight nose. Her eyes are a little bit closer together and more of an Almond shape. Her skin is of a golden tone as well too.

Many messengers appear in the form of an animal, for her, sometimes you may see her in the form of a blue swallowtail butterfly. She can sometimes appear by putting a bit of her awareness into an actual swallowtail butterfly, to bring awareness to you and some realization that you might have at the time of seeing it. However, instead of the large or above energy that she sometimes comes in, you may see her in the form of a spiritual butterfly. It would go by ever so quickly past you, but you would definitely be able to make out what it was.

She plays a great role in the knowledge brought to earth during these times. I’ve always loved working with her and she has helped quite a few people that have come to me, with their issues and pregnancy and childbirth. I am honored to know such a beautiful being. But even though she specializes in those areas, she has a great amount of divine knowledge and provides it in divine prophecy