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Maldek Starseeds

Maldek ran itself into the ground. Picture earth 1,000 years from now, war, nuclear warfare, and survivors in underground bunkers, thinking they are safe from harm. Maldek was ran by light beings who had all knowing wisdom and knowledge. At one time, angels stayed they as a base in between of incarnations, and missions. Maldek is old.  Truthfully, it was there long before Pleiades. The beings there had love unconditionally, and have been greatly misunderstood. It was another group of beings that infiltrated their planet, and tried to take complete domination of the place. The souls in Maldek , fought for their existence, and lost. They had the same technology, but had to much love to actually use it on the other group. So, the other group used it on them. They took off, leaving Maldek to explode into pieces. The consciousness burst into particles too. That means that many souls from Maldek have parts of themselves scattered across the Universe.
That is alot of trauma to go through, and it will not fade away in a few lifetimes. They carry that with them. They always feel lost, and want to go home, but never know where home is, because the back of their consciousness knows that, home is gone. They go through life, feeling like they had a twin, or feeling lost and separated from the family that they incarnated into. they never feel a sense of belonging. They are saddened souls, and seem to be gloomy and hurting, but never know why. They get diagnosed with manic depression and anxiety disorder without cause because of the symptoms.
They often incarnate as archaeologists, to seek anything from their kind that has been left all over this planet, as alot of them came here. They will have had lifetimes here in hot areas, deserts, and especially ancient Egypt.
They have wisdom, and never have to read a book. They will already know what everything is about, which is why they get bored here so very easily. They are strong willed, stubborn, and stay off into the backgrounds of places to observe others. They are outgoing, but most of the time they try to be quiet as not to miss anything. They are also very untrusting, and will not have many relationships in life. They rarely settle down, and when they do, it is with one person, that they feel will understand them, Then, it will be for life. They have a raw sense of humor, and are a bit slap stick crude. Laughter is what heals, and these souls will laugh at anything. Especially acting really silly to entertain themselves. Although they have a good nature, and are the type that would do anything for anyone, they do have a darker side to them.  People like them, but they do not like other people. They are loners, but seem to be well known and outgoing around others. They are secretive, not allowing anyone in, to see their true colors, except those who are just like them. They are great at lying, but not to be a bad person, it is their mechanism of coping, by not letting anyone know what they truly think or feel.
They are quite happy being alone. But, they are not the forgiving type. If someone crosses them, they will be sure to get their vengeance at some point. They have ties into the magical arts, but never disclose that to anyone, just like they keep more of their true self hidden. They are thought o be more on a negative vibration, seeming to mope, and put up their defenses easily.  Based on what happened to their home and the entities that destroyed it, they will always feel like someone is against them. They feel like they do not belong, and are so outspoken at times, that they can actually be hurtful unintentionally.
A Maldekian Soul can lie to you looking you dead on in the eyes, and even if you knew it was a lie, it would have been so good that you would want to believe it. They do not like work, or learning, because they already know basically everything. They also hate being told how to do something. They like night hours, and dim lights and have an attraction to the paranormal especially vampires, and other supernatural creatures. They are also energy vampires too even if they do not realize it.
The souls from Maldek, just need some love, even though they will push it away when someone tries and tries. It is because no earthly thing can fulfill the part of them that is missing. They are inner poets, with a very deep place, that may feel empty, but they are not as empty as some would think. They have a missing place, but this can be easily filled with love and reassurance, in showing how important they are to the family that they are in. They may not express affection. They are not the types to like hugs or acts of  affection. They do feel better with verbal affection though..