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The Angelic Year


Welcome reader. For those who are familiar with my work, this article will also be posted on Alura’s AngelsIllumination of Metatron and Spiritually Awkward websites. I am adding it there because this article consists of knowledge about the angelic year and since both of those websites are devoted to the study of heavenly knowledge from the angels, I felt it would only be right to also add it there. Additionally, there are others that may only know of one of those websites or the other and so I would not want anyone to miss this information.

The Angelic Year

I am writing this here at the beginning of November. The month of November follows after a wonderful month of festivities in October. But that’s not the end of it. November heralds the start of what I call the true Thanksgiving. Back in history, the English came and landed on Plymouth Rock. Building their colonies they worked with the Native American Indians to build their new world around them. they brought civilization to a world of natural living. However, civilization doesn’t always have all of the answers does it? The English needed the Indians to help them learn how to work the new soil that they had landed upon. And the Indians with their good hearts, and knowledge of nature… gave freely of their wisdom. Imagine how exciting it was for these very two different cultures to clash? The Indians stared from their place on the coast, watching these big intimidating ships arrive. The English saw the half dressed darker skinned individuals on the new land that they had high hopes for. History is a little in accurate though. They write it as they want it to be known, not how it actually occurred. The Indians while they were open to helping, we’re actually more forced to do so in anything. They were actually fearful of the white man who arrived with their weapons and big ships. Many of them tried to flee into hiding to keep their family safe. After having seen the Indians on the shore during their arrival, they kept them in mind for when they set up their camps to begin building. After Time went by and crops were not growing, they sent a Messenger to look for the Indians. Acting as if this were a new ally or friend, the Indians when approached had a friendly demeanor toward them in return. They sent someone on their behalf to work with the English to help them. Here the English learned how to grow some things, and adopted a few methods of survival that the Indianhead showed them. But this wasn’t enough. The English acted as if they needed more help because they thought that they could use the Indians to do the actual labor for them. Invited to take part in farming and later a harvest celebration, the Indians were the lord to the cancer the English to stay and participate for a while. But when the Indians saw that they were putting more of the work in and growing everything for the English, they knew something was very wrong. Deciding to leave, The Indians gather together to lead their people back to their own homes. However the English with their more advanced technology and weapons, forcefully held the Indians at gunpoint threatening their lives if they were to leave. The Indians had no choice but to stay. Knowing that at the end of the harvest that the Indians would more than likely group together to fight for their freedom, the English killed many of them after they were no longer useful. They wanted to illuminate any potential battles in the future. But there were other tribes of Indians scattered abroad.

Hearing of this horrible event, other Indians became slightly hostile towards the English. Their children were taught not to trust the man of lighter skin. Knowing that they had guns and that they had used their guns on other tribes of their people, The other Indians and take any chances. As soon as they saw a white man approaching, or a group of them… They automatically gotten defensive position to fight.

Therefore, the Akasha records show very different story then the one that had been recorded in history. Instead of the friendly joining of forces, there was blood shed. Of course there is knowledge of the battle with the Indians, but what most people did not know was that the Indians have been forced to help like slaves, and slaughtered at the end of there needed time of help. Instead, history paints a very friendly picture of them all sitting down to share the goods of the harvest at a Thanksgiving meal. Throughout time, society has used Thanksgiving as a way to project what they wanted people to remember every year. Additionally, the holiday was commercialize and turned into a moneymaking franchise. People all over the world spent hundreds of dollars on decorations and food for their feast thing. That’s a lot of money being spent for just one night of the year that lasts only for about an hour for dinner. Nowadays, the generations probably don’t even know why they are celebrating Thanksgiving and just know it to be a holiday where they gather with their family to eat. However, Thanksgiving means something differently to the heavens. 

When the new year begins in April and then celebrated on 1 May, we begin planting what we’re going to grow for the harvest later. I grow a great deal of different things, things that I’m going to need for spells, oils, soaps, and food. I also grow anything that I need roots from, and I dedicate a beautiful flower garden to the heavens it’s my way of celebrating their presents over what I am growing. I spend the entire summer taking care of my gardens. Charting their growth by the true measuring of time, I am able to get my goods to become fruitful and plentiful. Come September, it’s already time to begin harvesting the goods that have grown to their fullest. September 21 we celebrate the harvest gods or saints. This marks the Grianstad celebrations. During the celebrations, we have a feast every week to thank the heavens for all of the weeks during the summer that they have helped and blessing the goods I am growing. Additionally, never wasting anything I make use of all parts of the goods by using some of that material for decorations that will be hung up for the end of the harvest celebration. The end of the harvest celebration marks the end of the angelic year. This just so happens to fall on October 31. That end-of-the-year celebration will then last for three days. October 31, November 1, and November 2. This is where we also pay our respects to those in the spiritual world because the veil is thinner. Being a psychic, I don’t really have to wait for the veil to be thin… for it is thin for me anyway.  But I do still pay my respects on these days by putting out plate of food during the dinner time celebrations for those who have lost. The Saints are given respect on November 1st, and all of the dead are honored in a day of silence in the 2nd. 

The end-of-the-year celebration then comes to its completion. From that time on word it is a time of giving thanks for the year that we have just had. This means from November 2nd on up until actual traditional Thanksgiving day, there are activities being done to give thanks. Thanksgiving should not be given just on one day. In fact we should give thanks every day of our lives for the blessings and lessons that we obtained through life. However, life is busy and catches people in upsweep, and so this celebration gives us The chance to publicly acknowledge the things that we’re grateful for. But like I said in a previous article, giving thanks doesn’t just come in the form of words. As heaven has so freely given to us, we can show our thanks by giving back. This is why after giving our respects to the Saints on the first, November 2nd  not only honors all of the deceased, but begins a time of charity.

It is  during that time that I provide different forms of charity,  during that 20 days until the actual feast. I am motivating the people that I am closest to,  to try to do the same. Charity can be given through time, financial donation, and many other things that people, animals or earth may need. After Thanksgiving day feast, this will be a time of quiet rest. Gives us some time of silence because many people take it vantage of their blessings throughout the year, and it seems that for some it can never be enough. They push, and push until they get what they want. I know that having lives by the holy and Saintly virtues. This includes the opposite of the deadly sins. Pride, greed, lust, vanity, gluttony… this exists within people every day throughout the year we don’t know how to stop for a little while and give thanks, give back, or give some time to appreciate what they have already received instead of trying to grab for more.

By the winter solstice, we enter what is called the dead zone. This is a period of time or time is not measured. That is why the sun symbolically hangs in the balance. One day of complete balance in day and night. It’s almost to represent that time stands still. And then we have more darkness during the winter days. That is to show that things must slow down or come to a stop. That time of year is ruled by whom I call the winter king. He is actually the power behind a lot of religion, and the planet of Saturn which rules the zodiac of Capricorn. Because of it being a time of more darkness, it seems to be a time where people bring out their darker nature. Many believe him to be a God only of sinful nature. However, he represents a balance in nature. It’s a time to embrace some of your achievements. That is why the celebration of Saturnalia appears. It’s a time to feast, drink, enjoy your loved ones. This is the time to sit back and really appreciate everything that you have accumulated throughout the year. It is not a time for glutton because those who consume all of their resources go with out later during the colder winter months. However, the dead zone provides time to rest, meditation, enjoyment of people that you love, and even a time to work on yourself up for the new year to come in the spring. We also have a feast dedicated to the Saints that appears towards the end of the month as well. The saints revered are those that rule the winter months. This is why a lot of candles are use during that time of year because, we are trying to conserve money in your electric bills, and save up as much as you can to become even more abundant come the new year time. And when the new year appears, you’ll use what you have saved to start again, but still have some extra left over maybe do some of the things that you love come warmer days.

In May, we celebrate the beginning of that new year. Everything is been reborn and celebrated for its renewal. We begin to see trees budding and flowers blooming. This is when we celebrate the spring and summer gods or saints. Since the goddess is very closely associated with rebirth and creation, this is a time where we put the Divine feminine first. We begin planning for our goals in the middle of April. These goals can include things that you want to work on for your career, school, trips that you want to go on, anything that you’re planting for your gardens, and things that you want to add in your own self betterment that you began back in the time of the dead zone. It’s a time to start over as the world around you begins again. Of course the seasons are very different in different places. Somewhere lucky to have a warmer climate all throughout the year but, these beautiful times throughout the year can still be celebrated. There’s a lot more to these celebrations, but imagine for a moment time. If one year is only equal to April to the end of October, that means that divinely one year only equals out to six months. The other six months is nonexistent as we just seem to flow through that time. No wonder why people seem to live longer in ancient times! Their year was actually shorter with the month of November actually being divided. Many people born in the time of the dead zone find that they come to have some difficulties in achieving their goals in life because they were born during a time of a standstill. Especially when their planets are in their returns or retrogrades, they will have even more difficulty. Nevertheless, charting things through angelic astrology and the old ways of time according to how it was measured in the beginning, really brings a year full of wonderful celebrations, beautiful times of giving back, celebrating the blessings, and working hard towards achievement.

While this way of telling time was only known for a short while in the beginning of time itself, some of the celebrations were still passed on throughout the world. As many note from my courses, there was a race of gods who came and spawned demigods into the world. They were responsible for the beginning of great civilizations themselves. it was even said that one of those lesser gods or as Christianity calls them angels, had been ”Bound to the Earth” as a punishment for having mangled the divine bloodline of the gods with the human race. Being down to the earth merely meant that now his inequities would be passed on genetically through those in his bloodline. It would be similar for those who had followed his example. Still, the gods who had half human descendants began the elite bloodlines. there were many natives to earth in the world at that time. But those that were half breeds of the divine and of human nature, would become the rulers of the planet physically. Believing that they had the right to rule because they were half divine and half human, they became the kings of the world all over the globe in time. Not wanting to disturb their divine blood, they would marry into their own families to keep it pure. They still do this even to this day. However many of them had migrated from Sumer, to Babylon, into Canaan. There were some who had even settled down in Egypt. However they would not be ruled by their own kind and so those that were living under the ruler in Egypt had decided that they would go and start their own kingdom. they took over whatever remaining natives were in the land and began what has been noon I’ve been till this day as the tribes of Israel. This combined the religions of where their ancestors had come from “IS” meaning Ishtar,who was the main ruling goddess in the civilization of Sumer. “RA” represented Ra, the main Deity in Egypt. “El” taken from the main god shared in Babylon and Canaan both. Thus they became Israel or the Israelites there is much more to learn about this subject in which I will talk about in my new course “The Indignation”. He is actually getting ready to launch this November. Still, with those three main ruling deities that they adopted because of their ancestral heritage, there were also lesser deities that ruled over each family line since there has been many lesser gods who had spawned the hybrid race. The name of their people was represented by that Trinity, and then each individual tribe worshipped their own divine forefather or mother. Out of those tribes there was one that was called the tribe of Danu or also known as the tribe of Dan. many people don’t understand the origins of the names in which these tribes were named for. A lot has been covered up throughout history. Nevertheless, that tribe refused to abandon the old ways when a new era began. That new age enforced very strict religion in which only one deity would be worshiped and given respect. Many rules were applied and it was their intention to dominate the world. Before settling in Canaan, some had left Sumer and settled into Rome and found their place in the Roman empires, only to re-join with this people later during the time of Jesus of Nazareth having been on earth. and that is where their agenda for global domination began. Originally they had their own agendas but found that if they join forces under that new very restricted way, that they could use the foundation of their belief as a way to dominate the world. And so they did. But earlier on, there were others who did not want to conform. Out of those tribes, it was the tribe of Dan who decided not to. They refused to give their allegiance only to one of the deities when they knew the truth. And so they migrated north, taking with them the celebrations originally celebrated in the beginning of time. Many of them settle down and to Celtic Ireland and that is why a lot of the celebrations were still celebrated there, even up until this day in nature base religious beliefs systems like Wicca. They knew that there were others who helped in special ceremonies when energy was at its peak throughout the year. Those who join forces in the new way, try to eradicate those that were still abiding by the original ways. That is why many people were burned for being a witch, and even in the days of Hitler there was an obsession with blood types, so that he could find those of the pure blood, and wipe them out.

However, the telling of time through the divine way had slowly disappeared. The Julian calendar took its place and so time reconstructed itself according to the ways of man. it was later that the Gregorian calendar took its final position as the main teller of time according to pope Gregory who had invented it. There were still those who had to hide that they were still living by the old traditions though. And they would secretly pass some of those traditions down through the generations. Finally, when the world started to be a little bit more open minded again, people started to talk about some of those traditions more openly. But their truth had faded into the distance of the past. Many of the nature, Celtic, or witchcraft based religions or circles still are missing a great deal of information. That new way which became the leader of the age of Aries, and monotheistic way of warship, still rules over those who even say that they do not abide by it. People still have to pay the system, measure their time the same, and many people no matter their religion still somehow and someway participate in the commercialized holidays of today. Many don’t know the true history and never will. But at least I was able to share with you how time was once measured and how it disappeared. I hope that one day the truth can come out and people can actually have real knowledge about what they’re doing. I hear a lot of people talk about metaphysics, politics, religion, mysticism, and even people who claim to have enlightenment. I often shake my head because how can anybody be a master at any one of those things if they’re missing a great deal of information and that the information that they are holding onto was what the leaders of this world wanted them to know, not what they needed to know. Indeed all things have been rewritten according to the leaders of this world. I always say how can information be trusted when it’s a part of the same system that’s dominating and controlling the masses? This is one of the reasons why I’m so outcasted as a teacher. Anyhow, enjoy this year celebration. Living here in this world by the orders of society and its leaders, it’s hard to not be a part of what goes on in society every day. At least now you can still enjoy the different times of year as they were meant to be enjoyed.