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Angel Selaphiel

In my courses (private, selective members only), I teach about Earth, origins of religion, how it came to be 3D, and much more. In part, one of my lessons in each of the courses Truthology and Lightology (each course goes in levels of mystical depth and translation) I spoke on how the vibration of the Earth had shifted, locking humans into the physical imprisonment. This knowledge is based on what I saw, and what I reviewed in the Akashic records as well (using metaphorical speech here). One of the children of the most high had played a significant role in the shift of Earth that had responsible for all of this. While all of the “sons of heaven” had some role in the shift, there had been one who was specifically ordered to “dumb down” humanity as they had been too advanced by the combining of genetics. The new hybrid genetics had been a result of advanced beings taking human mates and producing offspring. While it sounds awful, having consciousness brought down a level, it was apparently necessary. The new race called “nephilim” couldn’t handle the new consciousness. At first, they taught humans some of what they knew in order for the still evolving natives of Earth to be intelligent enough to build superior complexes, monoliths, palaces and more. But the humans turned against them, secretly hating them for the abuse of having been enslaved by the nephilim. Humans had plans of their own to take back Earth. With intelligence of their own, they very well could if in great numbers.

In the meantime, the nephilim has extreme spiritual powers that surged through them that created anger and hatred towards heaven and humans. Believing themselves to be superior beings of both above and below consciousness, they hated heaven and human alike, only accepting those of their own newly hybridized kind. It had to be fixed somehow.

To make a long story short (you can learn the truth in my courses without the metaphors) the higher heavens had to intervene. Even though the most high knew of what would happen prior to it taking place, he allowed it. Archangel Michael has asked him “if you knew, why not prevent it”? Many still ask this to this day. It’s devastating, the truth. Humankind would not be able to handle the truth of God, religion, this Earth, and of their own kind. I surely won’t be the one to fully disclose it. It would crush the foundations of religion and I’m already seemingly a target. Going into the shorter story here and to get to the point, the consciousness was lessened and locked into 3D, which worked for the humans who wanted their planet back anyhow, even though spiritual powers still rule behind the veil.

The Angel Selaphiel was responsible for administering the order. Here on Earth they hide the portion of truth that they have. Humans don’t have all of the truth as they were taught by the advanced beings and never got the truth beyond from them. That’s why it’s best to be taught by one of us. As a lesser deity, a son of heaven, Selaphiel made sure humans still had enough wisdom to continue going forward in building their civilizations. But the advanced technology, scientific wisdom, and knowledge of beyond in what humans did have of it… was all taken back. There were only remnants of these things remaining as can be found in inscriptions in Cuneiform and hieroglyphics that were overlooked. His name though? To mankind, it’s said to mean “prayer of God”. Most of the angel names are man-made just like the stars and all things on Earth. In heaven, everything is of a different language. He will help, next to Sandalphon that is… carry up prayers from Earth through the hierarchy and into the higher planes. Each prayer going into its appropriate throne, etc. But Selaphiel also represents “the prayer of God” or better yet the wishes, intentions or goals of the most high.

Selaphiel is usually seen as a flash of silver light that after its bright flash, turns into a firey ball of silver that travels across the sky like a comet… tail and all. When in visitation, you may see him as a cloud mass of silver twinkles of light sparkling in and out all over the area. The area will usually span over 20 feet. Or, you may see him as a man standing about 13 feet tall with sandy colored hair and whitish silver transparent skin. His eyes are bright violet. He wears a long garment of silver light, no feet showing but instead silver flames that don’t burn with fog coming from the feet area, upward where it appears to thin out as it comes to his shoulder area, exposing his facial features a bit to see him. He being of the seraphim order, has six extensions of energy beaming out from him. Two shoot to the floor. Two beams of silvery light shoot out to the sides, and then there are two more shooting out from either side of the head. He appears as a man that when when compared to human life he would be presumed to look like he was about 30 years of age. He has a band of gold around his head with small stones of a yellow color.

Selaphiel’s job on Earth did not end then. He is called upon again, but not for this exact moment in time. His duty will be applied at a later time to come. For now, he does act as a messenger between here and there to those high enough in frequency themselves to receive it, as well as knowing how to translate the language of the gods, which many don’t know.

When corresponding to things on Earth, he relates to one of the Tree of life lessons between Tiphareth and Chesed when one is on their way towards the understanding of a true divine form of mercy. His stone is Liroconite That stone helps deepen your love of the divine and feeling a closeness to it which it was mercy in ones heart, also would do. Selaphiel rules over 87 legions of angels. This means that he is in charge of about 130,500 other beings in his dominion, since he is of the seraphim race but his role or job is as a dominion. He is still considered to be an archangel though since he commands his own army. That army pertains to a reality in Ophiuchus. He also relates to Chiron in astrology.

Please check the blog section of this site in an entry titled “Trumpet Blast #3”, for a message from Selaphiel.