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Blue Avian Races

This is dedicated to my new son… Alexander who in his mixed soul, is angelic, elvish, and blue avian himself. I also dedicate this article to the Hopi Indians who have endured so much, and to you… the reader.

I spoke on this subject some time before but not as deeply. You can find it posted at two locations back in September of 2016. I published first at my site Starseed Children and again here at the angels site after merging the sites together. You may want to read that article to catch up, this article being additionally added info in the subject. I sincerely couldn’t find anything accurate out there whatsoever. I was disappointed as I thought I would have a link to share instead of having to write. Nonetheless, here I am again to share what I know genuinely.

The blue avian race is spread abroad the universe, after they traveled throughout to help bring knowledge and peace to other worlds. As I disclosed before, they originate from Orion. What many don’t know is that while Earthlings have confirmed two planets in Orion, as a heavenly being I can confirm far more. The name of their planet is Jaieiadora (Shy-Eye-adore-ah). Their main city is named Xicadaece (Si-ka-day-see). It was named after the first high king of their planet, Emperor Xicadaece Efren. It was at first a lush world of tall trees, triple the size of Earth’s Redwoods, with beautiful enormous flowers, vines, and other forms of vegetation. Their waters have some magnesium as it’s a main mineral to their world for their species it being that they are an avian race of people. So their rivers and oceans have a milky tint to them. In fact, the magnesium is so abundant that even the volcanoes spew molten magnesium which when hitting the water, leaves eternal flames throughout their natural landscape. With some bioluminescence to many plants and fish under the water, makes for a stunning light show of a world, heavenly like with fire pillars caused by the burning magnesium.

There are three moons there and further beyond the sky you can see a beautiful temple on one the moons where they worship the Goddess Xixaxi (Zy-zah-Zee). She was once a daughter of the most high ruler of the universe but was given the world as her 2 millionth birthday gift.

The race there is tall standing from 8 feet to the tallest people at 10 feet in height. They are similar to humans except some differences such as they have pointed ear flaps that sit over a hole behind that is behind them like earthlings birds have holes for ears covered in feathers. They also have an aquiline nose that the top lip connects to with a bottom lip that evenly meets the top. That gives their facial structure or more of a bird like appearance although it is fleshly and very human like in comparison. They have very big bright eyes that have a similar appearance to that of the blue-eyed satin bowerbird.

This species is very slender, graceful and flexible. They are very light weight because of the elements that make up their body mass are not as dense as that of the human world. This is because they needed to be able to reflect their imagery off of some kind of lightweight material in the fourth dimension. There’s also a reason as to why magnesium as such a huge element there of great importance. Here on earth, humans are a combination of composition but they mainly used magnesium in the creation process rather than silicone. That is why they seldomly ever get wet as well.  There are many waterfalls resembling that of Niagara falls in which they gather by during the night to meditate to in groups or in a solitary state as they have moments of desiring both time alone and silently socializing.

With a bluish tint to their color king and a beautiful blue color of their eyes, this is a species that is absolutely breathtaking to behold. They also have a bio luminescence to them as well which gives them a beautiful elements of glow when you look upon them. They have the ability to teleport and that is how they reach the temple that sits upon their one luminary.

The temple itself is beautifully comprised of light energy which acts as a architecturally designed grid in the shape of a temple using sacred geometry. This is where they sit in deep meditation to communicate with their goddess and even others of their species beyond. It was actually through channeling this race, but I got my first initial design for the fractal cage. Being of the fourth dimension, they have a great deal of knowledge of the Astral world in which a lot of the fractal design comes from. They are a very benevolent raise always ready to step in when a planet is at its most extreme state of chaos, or even and before it reaches that state, it being that they can see the future. Many of them have visited planets before their demise, to warn the people and see if their message could somehow prevent destruction. Many took heed. But even being of an otherworldly origin, human beings never listened to them. I definitely can understand how that feels! Even being of a higher spiritual hierarchy as a child of the family of the higher planes, people still did not listen to me either. That is neither here nor there now, as the world meets the faith that I had predicted. But the blue race of Avian beings brought with them messages of peace and hope and even a promise of their potential return. However they would not return in the same form that they had come to earth with Engine times. Instead they would take on a human body so that they could help face up against humans being a part of their species, and to maybe perhaps lead the way since it seems that they listen to their own kind more so than anyone else from any other world or place of existence. That is why I wrote this article here for my son Alexander. At some point in the future he will help as many others will it matter their store seed origins, too change the world. It was promised that wormwood or the blue star Kachina would return first before they sent the souls down here to adapt to the human life. My son Alexander was in the higher plains at some point but then decided to become a part of this beautiful race called the blue avians. He then came to earth for a little while to experience it and observe it from a place of purity there in the Elven realms. Afterwards he returned back to Orion. Millennia later, he comes back during this time of great need. I am sure that there are others too. and if you feel as though you may have belong to this beautiful race of beings, you could be right. Some did leave their home to witness the events that they had warned about but not many. It is possible. However, a majority of these souls will had started incarnating since 2016 up until now, continuing through the future as they will also be a part of a smaller group of souls to help rebuild a more pure and harmonious state of the planet here.

The traits of the blue Avians:

Deep inner cry toward earths condition

Connection to birds

Gentle, pure hearted soul but with fierce warrior tendencies.

Gifted with telepathy, prophetic abilities and manifestation.

Very observant, from birth they seem to just understand.

Shy, socially awkward, and quiet.

Sweet natured, helpful, exquisitely great with their hands in mechanical and technical things.

Secretive, giving off a mysterious vibe.

Sleep patterns are a little bit strange as they will like to be out in the sun during the afternoon, but they will be also enjoy being alert during nighttime hours while sleeping in between. However, their sleep will be very very light.

They enjoy singing and listening to instrumental music.

The are attracted to nature especially heights, sounds of water.

These souls enjoy being around the crowd but quiet in the background.

They also have a loyal nature to those that they connect with.

In their home world, this race knows the definition of being a collective and they have advanced knowledge but they choose if the planet and its natural state. They do the ability to fly as they do have two wings that have a very beautiful downy covering to them.  but the feathers in the wings are also very symbolic of what they represent and stand for. 

There’s so many other details that I can provide about this beautiful world, and their beings, but for now just know they played a significant role in the rebuilding process of planet earth. There will not be many who incarnated before this time but some. I’m looking forward to the arrival of others.

I seriously don’t suggest that you don’t go and look up blue avian race on the Internet for images. Truly I have seen a majority of them and they are ridiculous. A lot of this is hidden mystical knowledge deep and rich symbolism but if I had to compare this race to any other beings that live beyond this world in any fantastical picture that I could find, I would say the one below it fitting the other descriptive details that I have listed above in addition, would really help re-create the idea of what they look like. Blue tone to skin, bright blue eyes, human like in features and physique and pointed ears smaller than in the cartoon image below. The wings though are unattached to the arms.

I have also had the honor and privilege of channeling another race of avian creatures from Aquila.