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What is a legion?

A legion… the term was spiritually referenced when Jesus demanded the name of an entity within a man wheee he answered; “I am Legion”. This means that there was no one name for the entity because the entity was comprised of many entities working together as a collective. Legions work in different ways. It is one main spirit that is built with many. That is sort of like if you had two people where one of them carried the other on their shoulders, and wore a long coat to look like one taller person. Spiritually, it’s similar, but it’s less limited. The spirits are made of images created out of energy, each with their own consciousness. In each Consciousness, is a different personality and job.

Each job would include the spirits intelligence and expertise in terms of the behavior, choices, personality, and temptations that it is in charge of influencing within the individual. The main spirit starts by influencing the person and as more and more factors come into the situation, new spirits associated with them connect. The main spirit will then be the lower lord of that legion. That lower lord answers to a Marquis above him who has set their sights upon the soul of that person.

Having a network of spirits possess an individual is a horrific thing because they pull the soul into so many different personalities and actions that the person and those around them can’t even recognize them anymore. The spiritual consciousness of the legion is each spirit individual but morphed together.

In reality, we are all a collective. But each collective is a smaller collective of another. In the physical form, the soul is directed to act independently and separate. Spirits know that, and that is why they work to dominate each soul, because then they can spread through the “network” of that soul while here like the family and other people who are close to that person. If we all worked together as a legion did, having other thoughts, interests and goals but acting as one to get them all done, we would have a better life and thus… a better world.

With a legion, it is harder to remove than an attachment by itself. Angels work similarly as they too, have legions.