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Phoenix Energy

The Phoenix has been the subject of mystical awesomeness for many millennia. The Phoenix is an amazing creature because everything about them represents change and transformation. But because the Phoenix is often represented in fire, it is often referring to the transformation of someone, their life or one’s spiritual path. The Phoenix is a very mystical bird, and has gone through it’s own transformations in the legends all throughout the world. In their story, the phoenix lives for several hundred years, before it dies by bursting into flames, and then is reborn. The are reborn through rising from their ashes to start brand new. This is such a very powerful symbol of growth in a persons life, because the phoenix itself represents all of the key elements of what is needed for awakening. Which are

  1. Surrender to heaven

2. Unconditional love

3. Wisdom beyond this world

4. Total wisdom having been in this world

5. The use of virtues

6. Transcending the nature of existence here

All of which the phoenix represents. Everything in their stories reveals the enlightenment process. There are many different pictures of the Phoenix in art, but I can tell you that when looking at this spirit, I have always seen a bird that resembles a mixture of a bird of paradise and a peacock both. The wings are very large but have  stiff aviation feathers that help them to fly, but also ones that dangle down very whimsically. Their tail is also this way.  The phoenix usually starts with quite a few energy waves of color. When found before the transformation, you will see them with use of red’s, oranges, blues, and yellows, all throughout their body as flames. During the transformation process the blue in the flames, will ascend and dominate all of the other colors turning the phoenix into a full blue. And then they burst into ashes, and as the ashes call to the ground, they start to spin like a small cyclone back up into the air, with an indigo or lavender colored phoenix coming out of it.

Usually, they will have some rays surrounding the head afterwards, which is like a Nimbus or crown. And that will represent it’s spiritual illumination. Most people as well, who have reached illumination, will also have a Nimbus behind them around the back of their head. Some people call them halos. Nevertheless, the Phoenix represents resurrection rebirth. There have been many tales of many masters going through that process. I myself have also gone through that process, and once you do, it makes me so pure and often times leading me to want to hide away from everything else out there in the world. And that is because I see the truth of things and my mind has ascended over matter. That is why I myself, often like to stay in my own little inner sanctuary, rather than going out in public. And it’s the same story for the Phoenix to, because in stories you will find that the Phoenix is usually sought after, as they are hidden away somewhere. Someone seeking answers to life’s mysteries, will often find them in a remote location totally secluded from anyone else in the world.

Phoenix indeed has great knowledge after their transformation, and they don’t want it to be tainted at all, by the ways of the world. This bird is often referred to by many names considering the culture or tradition telling the story. In Chinese, they call it Huang. Native American Indians refer to it as a Thunderbird. It is a very feminine energy, which goes back to what I was teaching in my course about the goddess. I will not go into that here, but just to inform the reader, the Phoenix definitely carries a balance in their duality. However, they are considered to be more feminine because of the compassionate that they show through their illumination. That is why I always say, that if someone has fully awoken, they would not have anger or hate. They would understand all things, to feel only love.

An interesting thing is, that in Jewish legends, the Phoenix was said to be in the garden of Eden after Eve ate the apple of knowledge. Their story implies that she attempted other animals with this fruit, but it was the Phoenix that decided that they did not want anything to do with it. For all of its faith and loyalty to heaven, heaven would allow the bird to be immortal, able to rebirth it’s Self throughout time. It is pretty significant because the Phoenix is said to be reborn every thousand years. And the Phoenix is also said to have a great healing capabilities. The phoenix changes and transforms so many times, from the beginning until the end of time. This is not only in spiritual understanding, but also in the midst and legends surrounding this creature. The story always changes, as does the appearance of this mystical bird. I know of many different soul types that incarnate, but the Phoenix is one who will always remain in their reincarnation process as a spirit, and that is because they are represented by that which is ethereal and pure.

If you happen to see a Phoenix, in a logo, on television, or just suddenly pops into mind…you can be sure that this is a message from your higher ups, that you are getting ready to go through a time of great transformation. Although it may not represent total spiritual enlightenment, whatever the change is that you are about to face, will be life altering. In our group on Facebook, one of my students chose this bird is our theme of the week. Everything happens for a reason, and what I can say is that for this bird to be chosen, represents a great change for everyone involved in that group and for anyone else having seen the symbol of a phoenix somewhere. I believe it to represent the fact that I have a new course that debuted, that is offering even more information for illumination and spiritual development. It just so happened that he chose this bird as our theme, the same week that I was launching the new lessons. There are no coincidences in life!