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Eridanus Starseeds

The trouble with many sources of information, is that they do not have all of the information about other places out there. They also do not inform or educate people, on what these places truly look like, their real names etc. They simply go with whatever information is out there from others, a domino effect of deception. Here I am, giving it all I got. Simply to inform you all. 
One of the races out there, are the Eridanian Star seeds, or Star lights better yet.. These soul types are souls who come from a beautiful place in the stars. This is an Elven star system, called the River in the sky, but in truth each star is light years away from the other. Humans here only refer to it by the name based on astronomical names, given by other humans. The Eridanus Star system is 144 light years away form earth, and was held so sacred in Greek Mythology because the beings who rule that system, were also giants, They named a river after it. Two places inhabited there, are near the stars Epsilon Eridani, and  Isilari Eridani. Both have a twin star, which they both act as a sun to orbit.
Both of these places, house an Elven race, of magic, power, sportsmanship, athletics, much of what you saw inspired in the Greek Mythology. The culture was inspired by the Eridanian beings, only  on Earth, they were called the Olympians, and Titans to the people due to the power, huge size, and supernatural ability.Some of the known Titans were angels and deities, who were often confused with Anunaki, and Eridanian Souls. However, the Eridanian  got tired of being so huge in size, when they visited earth,  that they wanted to be like the humans. This was so that they could interact, to be a part of society, not above it. They sent down souls to incarnate. The consciousness there is so strong though, that they would need to make bloodlines to do this, so many of the beings in high power positions, sent down seeds of life into humans, incarnating souls first in those they chose to carry the star seedling. This would embed into the genetics once the consciousness aligned in incarnation. They thought these to be Demi Gods.  They weren’t. They were simply just strong, energetic star seeds. They were some, who had their human mother picked for them, by their family in Eridanus of high ranks, within the world. They have a government there, much like on earth with Kings Queens, Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Lords, and also an army with commanders. There isn’t a whole lot of violence. Actually it is quite peaceful. However, at times they do have some issues with family fighting against one another for the powers. 
Yes, they have families, and alot of mythical creatures, some like animals of earth mixed with another. It is a whole other world after all, with different species. Some of the stories, are from the Eridanians using these creatures, or the fact that some of the creatures also exist in spirit realms Eridanians are made of energy to us, but to them, their world is very physical. A beautiful kingdom, in which only those who come from there as star lights or star seeds,  In regards to how they started here, they have been building the consciousness in the DNA, by incarnating into a certain bloodline for eons. However, some wanted a basic life and incarnated in normal families. They wanted to have enough privilege and power in their homes. There are alot of fairies there too. Some of those also chose to come here.
Eridanian Star seeds Traits
 Traits will vary, as all souls are unique:
1. Active
2. Lack focus from the want to do many things
3. Very smart on their own, figure things out quickly
4. Intuitive, pick up on things fast
5. Love sports
6. Adventurous
7. Funny
8. Loyal to those they see as family and friends
9. Sensitive to hurt or rejection
10. Very honest
11. Have an energy to where people feel their importance
12. An interest in Greek Mythology, when they get older as it reminds them somewhat of home
13. Like to learn and build with their hands
14. Love animals.
15. Very quiet, observatory
16. Have an interest in magical, supernatural, and paranormal things
17. Very caring
18. Protective
19. Loners
20. Look for someone to bond with who can advise in their lives, as many have a life adviser in Eridanus
21. Good at math but hate it
22. Like the snow as there is alot of snowy months there in Eridanus
23. Like anything that causes exileration, spontaneous
24. Strong, female or male, they have inner and outer strength.
25. Free spirited
26. Can withdraw under pressure
27. Have an older intelligence, even as a kid it seems like you are talking to an adult
28. Men are respectful to women as they value women alot in Eridanus, but they have a taste for different types, they end up settling down with brunettes
 Women will be respectful and obedient to any husband that they have, 
29. Strong willed, but passive to those they love
30. Poetic, imaginative, and romantic
31. Often have imaginative worlds as children that include magical things.
32. In adulthood, they often feel a little superior, as they can see people differently than other normal humans do.
33. Practical jokers for the most part, in the incarnated males,
 females are very serious minded and logical.
These are the general traits, and they do seem to appear in the incarnated Eridanians that I have worked with, and channeled. They are a great people to channel too, as they give a rich history of the ancient worlds. Some of the secrets of their home origins and planetary environment, are revealed in my akasha readings. In their world, they have another name. It isn’t called Eridanus to them. In their culture, the planet is called Iradel, and their main city was called Olyvian. Humans ended up calling the city, Olympus. That is what they named their mountain, that they claimed the Eridanians were from. Since they always saw them descend from Mt. Olympus, when they visited Earth.They could not speak their language, Without knowing their language, they had to call it something here on Earth, The early humans called it, Olympus, instead of Olyvian. It is not pronounced as it is spelled. In light language, it would be pronounced as Ya-ve-on.
Are you from Olyvian aka Eridanus? Find out today-
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