Metatron News- June 21, 2018

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“Thank you Alura. Your information has changed my entire perception on the angels and the heavens, that it has helped to me to relate not only to my own faith’s understanding of them, but many others’ too. I’ve shared this site with many of my friends, and we even have tea reading one of you submissions on the website. God Bless!~ Natalie Moscoe CA

Great Info

“Alura’s Angels is a wonderful website full of information that I have never read before anywhere online. The author certainly has a connection to the divine because most of the information here rings true in my heart and makes more sense than anywhere else that I have researched.”- Madeline KY


“Hello, writing in to say thank you for all that you do for everyone. I have never met anyone as selfless, giving, and sacrificing like yourself. This site is a beautiful collection of educational articles based on the heavens and the representatives from there. It has brought me light into my life during a dark time, as have your videos. I know that some of your teachings may be controversial, but they make sense, more sense beyond what I have heard over the years. Thank you Alura, you have changed my life.” Kathleen Linstrom OH


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