The Reverence Stone

In the world of angels, we live at such a high vibration above the sixth dimension and onward, that it is often very uncomfortable to travel through so many different frequencies, in between the different dimensional planes. even for those of us who have incarnated here, it is extremely uncomfortable to have to tolerate changes in the environment vibrations each day. Many of you may be aware that the vibration changes quite often throughout each day, let alone each day itself. There are many different factors that cause this. One of them is the sun. How hard is it shining that day? That hour? Are there any environmental factors that are reflecting its shine even more? Or, even less? Gravity also plays a role in how we feel. The different energies of other people all around us also affect us. There are many different things.

Nevertheless, those who have graduated and go up a different level have already learned to adapt to that next frequency before they even go home there. Even when ascending here and having to be here for a mission while doing so, we first adapt to the frequency in which we are moving onward up to. It does take time to get used to it, but we get used to it nonetheless. we are very lucky to have our chosen and anointed archangels to guide us. That brings me to the topic of our article.

The Reverence Stone

There are many angels. Myriads of myriads of them. It is yes play mean it’s mint get started OK true that there are only maybe 100 known to earth. Here, humans have given their own descriptions based on what they could compare with, in terms of similar Earthly things that they had seen. For an example, when describing the wings of an angel, they are often described as looking very much like a birds wings. But that is only because they had nothing else that they could compare it to at the time. It looked to them like the being had extensions that expanded from both sides of them, very much like how the wings of a bird are. and so that is how they described what they saw in comparison to something that was already known, to convey their idea.  in truth though, these extensions look like huge frequencies of energy that expanded from both sides vibrating with fractals of energy within them as the energy grabs onto the codes in the atmosphere to keep them “projected” into the reality that they were visiting. This certainly wasn’t something understood by those of the ancient past. That energy that had extended from both sides, was a glow since they were bright and gave the appearance of a halo around them. However the two extensions of energy and the order of bright light that they made were nothing less than a merkaba. This is a vehicle of sorts made out of one’s own higher vibrational energy. This is taught that those who have graduated above the fifth dimension. That is why you usually don’t see other beings who are not of an angelic form, appearing this way.

There are many who were just automatically created at a higher vibration and appointed as an archangel from the very start.  The species that many called angels are actually from a very specific race in the higher planes of the universe that expand downward as far as the sixth dimension. Some will have a few lifetime experiences if they have taken the path of “three mortality’s”. This only happens when they are training to go higher, and have to perform a mission while doing so. Otherwise, they usually don’t leave their home. The energy below would be far too dense for them to exist in. Even when taking on the form of the vessel or body that is native to that dimension or reality. Such as a human body. Even being here in a human body would be greatly uncomfortable. Nevertheless, there are appointed archangels in every dimension. That is because there must be a deity over every reality, and every clean and everything that exists in that plane. Such as flowers, the seasons, time, the elements, and so on. There is an archangel for everything that needs to have rulership and care over it. At one time it was said the archangels were like a species of their own. But this is merely just a job. 

Those that have been appointed to this job though, are often gifted with something called the reverence stone. This soon is made from a stone that is only found in the higher planes in which the mother goddess and father God exists. It is in their own world that they find this type of gem. it does not exist anywhere else in the universe except within their own private kingdom made at the highest octaves of light. That is why it is such an honor to have such a stone. Bringing it down through the dimensions, it definitely will look different to anyone living in each one of those places. And that is because it changes density when it enters into a new dimension. for example, in the southern dimension it would look like a glowing neon or above red light. However, coming into the fifth dimension, I would look like a little glowing planet cloudy, but yet with the physical illusion to it. If a person from the third dimension were to see it, it would look very much like a fine round ruby sphere. The stone is called the reference stone because it is really one out of three ways that an ark Angel can truly be identified. Of course any entity can try to replicate the appearance of the stone but one thing I cannot replicate is the energy of the plane of existence in which it comes from, that surrounds all around it. This light is of pure white, gold, and red neon essence containing what looks to be much like an entire galaxy inside of it. Even in 3D form, the galaxy is no longer animated but still looks like a galaxy.

As soon as Self gives permission to travel into different realities, give us already over other entities as all sorts, and even to manifest something of greater creation. It is only giftEd to those of the divine league, having earned it through mission after mission. Or, as a gift to the direct offspring of the higher ups.

The only thing is, it can not exist below the fourth dimension. Even if somebody were to obtain something of the sort, it would eventually evaporate because of the lower density. It would break up in the particles of light and just disintegrate. It could possibly exist on one of those lower vibrational planes for a very very short time. But maybe on for a few moments. Even the science of this world wouldn’t be able to figure out how to keep it here. Not every single archangel has one though. Like I said, they are only gifted to those who have accomplished a certain amount of missions. It is indeed a very special stone that holds a lot of power and privilege.

If you ever have a visit by an archangel, look for sign of the stone. They usually wear it on them so that it can be visibly seen to give reassurance to those that they come across to know about it.