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The shepherd and the circus master…

I had a vision. Ariel opened the heavens and showed me…I foresaw two people , one was like a Shepard, loving, leading their flock in love and tenderness. The flock was innocent, accepting of their guide and of each other. Thirsty, the herder led them to water, and taught them about the dangers around them in the world. After a awhile, they did not need a shepherd as much anymore, but due to his love, they remained in friendship. They still had some things to learn.

The second vision was of a circus master. He had big dreams of having his own circus. He went on a great adventure, trying to find anyone that he could collect, to bring to his circus. He somehow came upon the flock and shepherd. How perfect! With the flock, his circus perhaps could be started! He began to do silly tricks to catch the attention of the flock, but he could only catch the eye of the ones who were most open, still in knowledge of the dangers that the shepherd had taught them, they still wanted to explore the world. But taught well by their Shepherd, they still kept some distance while entertaining the circus master through watching his tricks. However, the circus master saw that he was getting nowhere. So he started to think that maybe perhaps acting more as the shepherd did, would help the flock to trust him more. However, the flock had noticed the change and the similarities, and this made them a little leery, but remembering all of the funny tricks, they still kept their eye on the circus master anyhow. Gaining the trust of the flock and convincing them to come to the circus with him, would be harder than he thought.

My vision continued…

The circus master then, thought that the only way to catch the attention fully, of the flock and of the others whom had taken an interest, was to fall down and act as if he were hurt. Only with this, could he catch their attention, and the innocence in their heart. In addition, because the shepherd was so used to nurturing and caring, it would also catch the attention of the shepherd too, so that the shepherd as well… would offer healing, a place to rest, and in turn bring them closer towards the flock.

Perhaps in this vision, the circus master had thought that because the flock would had seen him with the shepherd himself, that they would be more receptive. After all, it had been the shepherd who was teaching them about the dangers in the world, and if the shepherd had accepted the circus master’s presence, then they would too. However, caring for all, the shepherd invited the circus master in, but still remained cautious, knowing what a circus master actually was. “Maybe he could join the flock and abandon the ways of the circus”, the shepherd had thought. After all, the circus had not worked out for him at all yet. The shepherd always wanted to provide a loving environment for all, and for anyone tired of the tricks of the great circus.

Joining the shepherd and the flock, the circus master saw that the shepherd had paid attention to each member of the flock individually, nurturing, affectionate and wise. The circus master had planned to do the same. So he ended up gaining the trust of a few, but seeing that this was not working he decided that he would have to push a little harder. Some of the flock started to realize what the circus master was doing, and decided to keep their distance. However, there were others that believed in the new character he had taken on, that was very much like their Shepard. The circus master started to realize though, that the shepherd being as attentive and observant over his flock that he was, started to realize what the circus master was doing. Very wise, the shepherd of been around a long time, it was his purpose to be a shepherd in order to protect and nurture the innocence after all. The shepherd started to warn each member of the flock subtly, individually. The Shepherd still very loving, wanted the circus master to still feel welcome, but also did not want the flock to be jeopardized or taken by the deception, of the circus masters agenda, of having his own circus. So he just exercised caution and still at the same time, showed love. There is always a chance for anyone to change direction.

Nevertheless, the love and tenderness that the shepherd and given to the circus master, had not been enough to fill the circus masters heart. His heart was full of dreams of other things. So the circus master and the shepherd both continued trying to build their path and worked their way towards their very different Hoped for outcomes. The shepherd had hoped for the circus master to change, and for the circus master and the flock both… to have happy lives in peace and safety. However, the circus master still intended to continue on building his own circus, not even taking into consideration the feelings of each member of the flock or for the shepherd himself. One by one, he tried to collect those that he could. Seeing this, the shepherd had to build a protective barrier around the members of the flock that remained. But the shepherd saw that two groups were being formed.

As the vision continued, indeed, two flocks were built. The remainder of the flock who stayed with the shepherd out of love and appreciation for the shepherd himself, and out of the love that the shepherd had for the members of the flock over all. And then Ariel showed me, those that were added to the circus Masters circle. Still some of the flock, couldn’t really see clearly what was going on, and out of kindness allowed themselves to be added to the circus Master’s Circle. All the while the circus master had sent word to friends who were also interested in building the circus with him. But so that the shepherd would not be alerted, they did not show themselves throughout that time. The shepherd stood in great strength, being guided by the heavens as to what was going on the whole time though. The shepherd valued those that he loved and cared for, and had hoped that none of the flock would be used for the circus after all. But that would be up to the flock to remember all that the shepherd had taught them. Would they? Or…,would they get stuck in the circus ring?

It was a deep vision of oncoming division. For a circus master knows how to use tricks and faces almost as good as a magician, yet they are more novice. The Shepherd on the other hand, is someone who has transcended all of that and is living their life in peace while trying to restore peace to others, which gives him the right to be a shepherd after all. How wise are the heavens?!

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