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Lord Stolas. As said before, many don’t understand demons at all. Re-quoting myself, “The word demon is derived from daemon which means wise one”. The spirits behind the veil are all kinds. Any wise entity could fall under the word demon/daemon and it’s definition. The true evil that many think are demons are of a hierarchy consisting of former residents of a heavenly family who came to dwell in the spiritual planes of earth. My course Heaven & Hell explains more and adds occult info never taught before. Still, human souls who sell their soul or dive into the seven deadly sins throughout their reincarnation cycles become evil spirits who are lower in the kingdom of that family. They become enslaved. Negativity and darkness create the consciousness.

Stolas is a cousin in the family. Regardless of other teachings, he is a marquis in the few planes full of many realms. I’ll be doing a mini workshop on Demons and their home this August. Stolas teaches about astrology, herbs and any form of hidden truth. He is often known to appear as an owl with a crown on his head, and also takes the form of a man who has an owl likeness to his appearance in his face only. He will have a tail when in the appearance of a man, that is very long and has a bit of a sharp point at the end of it. Stolas is under the ruling house of a very specific prince of the underworld. His name is Kokabiel.

Under that ruler and his house, they teach things like Astrology, cosmology, and the elements. They also teach about making certain weaponry and even how to do secret sigil work during magical rituals while using astrology in the ceremony. He is informative in herbs and the use of the minerals Black Opal, Blue Sandstone, and Labradorite.

Stolas wears a crown whose points align with a specific astrological consolation. While other teachers may tell you that he associates with A specific zodiac, that is false. He has his very own consolation in which he works through the Gridline of power that channels down from the stars, through the spiritual planes of earth, including his and then down to the material world.

Stolas rules many spirits and is a spirit who is known him self, to run 64 legions of demons. He works with the numbers 10, and at times 13 when associated in his work with another powerful entity tied to the same number, as are many above and below. You can reach this entity by chanting his name 64 times in a circle with his sigil in the middle. You will want to also use motherwort as the herb to entice his presence.