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Trumpet Blast: May 15 Lunar Eclipse


Greetings dear readers. Much love to each of you, and I pray with all of my heart and soul that all of you are doing well. This “Trumpet Blast” will be up for free viewing, as a temporary sneak preview for non-subscribers.

All that I humbly want to do, is to have them land into the right hands of those who will pay attention and use the insight to help themselves. Yet here we are at a point where I feel that so many people have really started to lose faith. For all of the predictions that were made, many have even experienced some of the outcomes of doing things that the prophecies had warned not to do.

For example, many were told not to go and get the vaccination unless they were forced to and it resulted in negatively impacting their ability to live. Some still went and got it anyway, even before it was 100% mandatory. Some of them really did get sick from getting the vaccination. A client of mine actually died after receiving theirs. It’s unfortunately true. I was contacted by a man whose wife was a reader of this site, and who had come to me for a couple of readings. Her husband had emailed to tell me that his wife (my client) had passed away from complications that had resulted from the vaccination. He asked me what he could do to help himself through the grief, and for any advice that I could offer since he had gotten the vaccination himself too..

For others, it was said over time that they should remain faithful and to try the very best that they could, to listen to the advice found throughout many of the Angelic Herald‘s. In another example, the herald had said that their consciousness would change from the vaccination and that it would alter the way a person thought, behaved and felt. Well, I am sorry to say that for some of them, they did change. It was never for anybody to judge any of the people that made their own choices to do what they felt that they needed at the time, but heaven certainly put the advice out there for the best interest of the people. Everyone is free to choose what they will, and at the end they will have to go through the cause and effect of things as many people do. They are loved just the same though.

It was also predicted over time, for those that didn’t work or have savings, to get a job as fast as they could. I had also mentioned that everyone should probably stock up on a lot of supplies. I was telling them that because I already knew what was to come. I launched the prophetic list for 2020, December 2019. It was only about a month or two after that, that everything happened in regards to the lockdowns, the business losses, the limitations on purchasing supplies, etc. A lot of people that didn’t take my advice before that, found themselves in very difficult situations.

All of this also reminds me to mention about how it was foretold in one of my prophetic messages, that it would cost a whole days wage just to survive and purchase food. This was metaphorical for saying that inflation was going to come and with gas prices also added all time high, together they would cause such a great financial stress for people that they wouldn’t be able to get by without struggling. It almost costs a whole day’s wage to eat and get gas now!

I am not saying this to gloat, I promise. I’m just trying to put it in such clear flashing red light here, that perhaps maybe listening to these prophecies could really be beneficial to a lot of you. I mean that with all of my heart, that I am only trying to provide what heaven says, so that people can be prepared. Even for those that may not take all of the advice, they may simply care about heaven enough, that they just want to know what Heaven has to say. Lastly, I’m adding a free sneak preview because I want people to remember the great advice that’s found in these and perhaps those who are serious and want to see better change in the world and fight for their own righteousness, that they can continue with seeking here.

Going back into all of the other trumpet blasts and Heralds, we have seen so much of it take place that I had done a new Angelic Herald recently sometime after the passover. I also did a feature on the “Passover angel” and on “Angel Bath Kol”. These two angels are relevant to what will unfold soon.

The meaning of the lunar eclipse

For now, those of you who are in my courses will already know how I have explained the difference in time and in the ages. I’ve also explained why this was greatly covered up. Time is greatly confused. Now that it has sped up, a lot of people don’t realize what date we should officially be on. I do.

The Angelic new year started on May 1. It was a significant celebration for this year because this new year actually hosted the specific passover that marked our entering into a new phase of development in terms of the new astrological age and its shift into more of its destructive forces. There were many things foretold a very long time ago, of things that were to come in the future but no one specifically knew the date. I don’t try to present myself egotistically, really hope that nobody gets that wrong idea of me since I am only merely trying to help everyone have more faith in what’s being told here, then many other people do. Even still after many prophecies have unraveled, there are still those who unfortunately doubt. With that being said, I am not pointing this out to bring glory to myself but to add to the proof, so that there can be more added trust. I do want to point out humbly that there has not been anyone else before me, that was able to walk everyone into the specific years of when things would actually happen when referring to biblical events.

It’s true that while there have been many speculations by people throughout time, I have been the only one that was able to deliver the exact years, events, and to put all of the events in a listed order and then to go on and continue delivering more prophetic news so that you could keep up to date with what would come.

Keeping those very old biblical prophecies in mind, many of you have heard the prophecies about Israel and about the temple. Israel has been a great figure for representing the last astrological ages that we’ve been through such as the age of Aries, the very much combined ages of Pisces/Aquarius. While I cannot explain more about that now but to those of you who are reading but may not have learned through my courses the meaning of that,  right now at this time I would like to at least explain what this new lunar eclipse will represent on the 15th of May in this year of 6, 2022.

The heavens have a great message for Jerusalem at this time for this lunar eclipse here, is marking a very crucial time that Jerusalem will prepare to enter. I received this message back when I prepared the last Angelic Herald but I was told to do this one separately. It was also delivered by a different angel beside the one I had been channeling at that time (Bath Kol) for the new Herald and so since it was a different message and a different messenger, it was only right to put it into its own prophetic passage.

Message from Archangel Raphael

“ Woe to the city of peace, indeed… Woe onto Zion!  The heavens have watched wholeheartedly as you have represented nothing but deception and lies for so long. You have represented yourselves as peacekeepers and those who represent holiness, but your city itself does not represent peace nor does it represent holiness. Your people have been at war with one another within your own city walls for so long. Not only this, but peace represents unity and to have your religious platforms divided, does not represent the unity that stands within peace. Those who are holy are ones that love one another as they were told to do, by the most high. This means regardless of what you believe in, or which faith you go by. 

Can’t you see that you all believe the same thing, just in different ways? How can just a few missing things between all of you create such great chaos and animosity? For the great city that is known as the city of peace is the one and the only one, that has been at its own religious war among its own people. For longer than a century your people have been responsible for much death and for the keeping of great secrets of the heavens.

You do crooked dealings and make allies with those that are blinded by greed. You say that your land is one that represents the “holy land”, but how could this be if there is nothing but warfare and blood shed? You are called the holy land are you not, by those in great power? Even the Vatican and many other religious organizations around the world revere you as being the holy city. People take tours to retrace the footsteps of great religious figures all in the name of your calling yourself the city of Zion. Yet, you are not recognized under the heavens as being so.

It is true that you have never been recognized to the “most high” as being the city of great holiness on earth. We do not even have any kind of communications with you or your people nor those that revere you. You are worshipers of that which is evil. And so it is known to we who see all things, that even now there are moves that are being planned by your own enemies. Your enemies will come down upon you and you will see them even within your own city streets. May the eclipse of the moon represent the blood that will cover all of you as there will be a meeting of sorts by those who are enemies to one another and to you, who will come to create chaos and destruction in your so-called great city. 

We allow this only because we want it to be known by the world that you do not represent us. In fact there, is no city on earth that will ever be good enough to represent anything as perfect, so loving, or so true as our Lord here with us, no not even one. Earth has become intolerable, full of hatred, and what is happening is because of your own doing. Oh Jerusalem, all of the land surrounding you are crying aloud and the cries will get louder, for we want those on earth to remember that we exist, and that change needs to occur. However, that will not come but for some time and in the meantime, the moon as it is covered in the red tone of blood shall symbolize the blood that will cover your city, and many other places all over your world as time goes into a phase where it is only darkness.

That darkness will continue onward as the light that used to shine brightly within all of you, becomes so greatly overshadowed by your own sinful nature. There are so many that say that it’s OK to do what you want to do, be any way that you want to be, but it’s apparent that doing “what thou wilt” brings only crime and destruction. When will you all learn? 

Do not treat our words as mere empty threats. The “most high” withdrawls his hand from earth and allows the earthlings to experience sheol. How can he blamed for this? Many of you have turned your hearts against him anyhow. Even for many of you that sit in your churches and your temples, don’t really mean the love that you proclaim that you have for him. So many of you have already turned to just science, or having no belief at all because it justifies your actions and your nature. Just as it was said before, it will be said again and so it will become so, that this great delusion that many of you are living in, will one day be lifted when all of the damage has already been done. What will you all be able to say then? 

And so the blood moon also represents that one in spiritual hierarchy, will pass the power over to another. And he will be the one who allows everyone to exact judgment upon themselves, through their own deeds and actions that will condemn them.  Let this be a sign for you “oh Jerusalem”, and for the lands that surround you, and for the wicked people of earth… you are now on your own.  You can look to the leaders that you’ve put your trust in for so long, and see if they will help you.  Or go to your scientists and see if they can answer your prayers. 

Soon, you will find that these words ring true and I must say that with all of the love that our heavenly Lord has for all of his creation, he did not want to see any of the things happening on your earth that are taking place, actually occur. He tried and tried to reach out to people individually or through miracles, he even tried to open the eyes of political and religious leaders alike, through events that took place over time. But no one wanted to listen. They made the world like a larger version of early Babylon where everyone could take their fill of their guilty pleasures. They did so until there was no longer any feeling of guilt, and where wrongdoing became normal.

 And so what is to come will be upon your own heads and we will wait till the time comes where we can once again intervene. But sadly that will not be for quite some time. We will always keep our arms open to those that are willing to do the best that they can to represent us on earth. We know that nobody’s perfect but we seek those that do not desire to do wrong deliberately. 

Jerusalem and to all of the leaders that you have befriended or made your enemy, leaders of the world around you, many of you will find that you will be in situations too difficult to fix. And then perhaps later a new Jerusalem can rise up out of the ashes. This will only happen when earth has had the ability to learn from mistakes and it’s on going self-seeking and self indulging practices that have led to so much bloodshed and greed. 

And so we will see that there will be a great sign there in your city,  yes the one you hold in high regard. The song of Heaven will see that there will be a great happening involving that which is “the rock that represents the mountain, that became the body of your city”. Then it will not take place exactly after the moon turns to blood, you can expect these events to surely unfold very near in the future as this celestial event marks the unfolding of these times leading up to it. No, it will not be long now before mankind’s battle horns are blown and the sound of them drowns out the sound of our angelic trumpets. Once it begins to sound off, the earth will be in such a dire state. 

It will come to be that people are turning against people more and more. Families come into such great desperation for survival. There is a reckoning going on of sorts before a rapture. And before the rapture should come, there will be a meeting of armies in the place where three lands have blood, that runs black. With that you can look for all of this in the near future. We still have great hope for those that carry love in their hearts. But we cannot sit by any longer watching as the entire world is misled. Mankind has become like sheep led to their slaughter, by those that they trust and respect as their leaders. Much of this is rooted from Jerusalem since the power comes from inside it and is shared with those respecting it, extending it  outward into the surrounding lands.  As it rooted itself and grew, stretching out its branches, we must chop that tree down. And we most certainly will, using your own enemies as the ax. 

The moon is a great symbol of these things and much more… that is still yet to come! We say, mothers, protect your children! Certainly we said there would be food shortages and that children would die. And yet many children are perishing. However, even when it came to your own children it was still not enough for you to change. And then so be it that this all occurs. The Earth will tremble and quake! There will be mass bloodshed, death in numbers, and warfare. Still to come, another dangerous virus as the pale rider of the four horsemen continues to circle the earth!  Not only will food be hard to come by but water will also take its turn, and many secrets are revealed while death is used as a way to try to still cover them. Then a great cry will come from inside of Jerusalem. All will go dark.

We hear your cries from Earth, oh innocent and faithful, hang in there as these things must surely come to pass”. 

I thank Archangel Raphael, and all of you who took time to read this, I pray that you will do your best to share it.

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